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  • Population limit

    It's not fair!
    I wanted to get better score
    playing Spanish Pride than
    I got before (over 800% was pretty
    good anyway), and I was on good way
    to it; I've conquered Spain much earlier
    than before (this time I played Katalans),
    and changetearrained almost all of it,
    plains, hills, mountains, to grassland,
    etc. It was very nice, family size
    almost 8 sometimes... I reached
    imaginary 300 millions citizens,
    and was getting (though family size
    wasn't as big) 15-20mlns of new
    citizens each turn. I was in seventies,
    so there was a lot of time before me
    to get over 1000% score,
    I still had Africa to doubleirrigate
    and changeterrain, but suddenly I've noticed
    that my number of citizens froze.
    It's stopped at 320mln citizens!
    Of course, I'll get a better score than
    before, becouse of future techs etc,
    but still, it's not fair!
    Perhaps new citizens will be counted
    to the final score, just now, they
    aren't counted into the population
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    You are exactly right, Heresson. Population beyond 320 mil is not reflected in the game window, but it is calculated correctly in terms of game score.


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      Yup. Keep on irrigating and building, Heresson, the population will continue to grow (for scoring purposes) regardless of what the counter says. I remember throwing away a couple of early games because I thought the maximum counter figure was the maximum possible.

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        What version of Civ2 do you have.
        I have made a patch for MGE and ToT that gets rid of that problem of population limit. You can download it in the Apolyton Database.

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        Oh Man, when will you understand that your greatness lies in your failure - Goethe