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  • New civilization-Poland

    Did it has forget Sid about poland ?
    Why in each civilization version, scants The Poland civilization? Or slavic though?

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    It is relatively easy to add a new civilization by editing rules.txt, although this will leave you with the original leader's picture. You can also change the picture, although this is a bit more complicated. The guys on the scenario forum will tell you how to do that.

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      Poland-new civilization

      As if you were felt if it forget about your country ?

      You know where is there Poland?
      Was whom :
      John Paul II
      Lech Walesa
      Kazimierz Wielki
      Marry Curie-Sklodowska

      About Poland

      Has made what?

      Battle under Grunwald. This victory has protected from invasion of center-piece yet europe!

      Miracle over Vistula. If it miracle it whole europe not
      (but maybe world would be great one even USSR )!

      Do it does not know it be what really poland? Sid dosn't know it?


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        I know!
        File will suffice to collect from Civ-fanstic center


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          Why is this in the demogame forum?


          - nations in Civ2: 21 (and some no longer exist, like the Persians and Sioux)

          - nations in the (real) world: @200

          Lots of people are left out, get over it
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