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Stella Polaris departs from Apolyton

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    Stella Polaris is a great idea, and it should keep going.

    Now I want to ask who is with me in the re-construction of the project?

    I respect your decisions so please come forth. I hope none will insult you based on your post(s).

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      Re: Stella Polaris departs from Apolyton

      Originally posted by Rasbelin
      During the last few weeks, it has become clear that all the prequisites for continuing the project aren't in place and thus, the work can't continue in any logical manner as there's people missing, little to no work done and little to no effort by many developers to do anything.
      I hate to say this, but, I told you so.

      There have been way too many projects, and not enough people. You have to expect people coming and going, so you do need a large pool of volunteers.

      Kudos for the efforts.
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        @ Ace and Frozzy

        You're wasting your time.
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          @ Rasbelin. You insult everyone else, then you have to clamp down on other's ideas just because your one failed.


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            Originally posted by Ming
            And then you use their forum to insult them.
            I'm sorry Ming but you have to tell me where the insults are. I see critics, not insults. And he has the freedom of speach to criticize anyone as long as he respects the universal laws of ethics and proper behaviour. Wich he has done IMHO.
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              Originally posted by Nikolai
              You gain nothing by being angry and rude.


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                Let's get some quality into this thread as it will be closed soon as per my request.


                you are right, but the comments did aim abit too high.


                no comments as you're taking advantage like usually.


                read or don't read the PM by me. I hope you choose the first option.

                As for the rest, the StP forum will be closed soon and the discussions will continue on SPF. New plans will be made and somekind of decisions will be then taken. I have also explained and elaborated the past 24 hours events to Dan , Markos and the StP audience. Those wo were insulted or just involved in this thread have received their very sincere appologies or they're just about to get it.

                Briefly I went indeed nuts after reading Joeno's nosy comments and saw that Ming was once again starting to bicker at me, so ever since that until I went to bed I was berserk and indeed very angry. However I never went insane or in a Zylka mode as I can be calm and angry at the same time. However I did have some great deal angst when reading the first replies. Hueij however was indeed right. None the less, I offer my very sincere appology to the public audience and hope that we can get over this. I know that the hawk party had fun and will forever remember this, but I can concider that as their loss if they can't get over it and show some understanding. Especially HT and Ming will like their potshots, but I will not pay attention to that ego enlarging stuff. However I will public make the sidenote that this hasn't been much worse than your party in Chicago.

                None the less I hope the rest of you are more friendly and after reading the details, at least concider one day forgiving me.

                The Stella Polaris Forums are now online, so those who were interested and previously discussed about the future, can move over there. I have reposted Ari's message, so the discussion can continue from that.
                "Kids, don't listen to uncle Solver unless you want your parents to spank you." - Solver