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    Why not, Markos? Don't want to scare Coracle away ? Nah, seriously, I'd like to know...
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      the ignore feature is there so that some people are not bothered by other people. revealing information on who's trying not to be in some contact with who goes against the basic idea of the feature.
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        Am a right in assuming when A ignores B than there is no possibility for A to get in contact with B? Does this also mean B doesn't see the posts from A (will they be blanked out?).

        So if this is the case than there is nothing wrong if A knows that B is ignoring him because he doesn’t have the possibility to talk to him and ask him why. He just knows it and that's it. Furthermore it might have a good effect on this person: if A learns that he is being ignored from the whole alphabet ( )than he might start thinking: why? I'm a just so a bad guy? And perhaps he will change his behaviour and we have one nice apolytoner more in our community. Oh wonderful.

        (Ok I know my whole example sounds a little bit confusing with all the A's and B's I was confused myself but I'm curious to see what you're thinking of my psychological theory of improving the behaviour of baddies by showing them their ignore list).
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          Or the baddies simply start spamming the threads that involve the people ignoring them.
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            Originally posted by Trip
            All we need now is for Markos to send us all new computers.
            Didn't you get yours yet ?
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              Quick PM reply is good
              I won't be using the Download, but I suppose it's okay

              Since you hinted at new features for 22000 users, what about these ideas:

              What about a "Quick Topic" button... Where we can "Quickly add topics to a forum section?" at the bottom of the Off-Topic, Apoly/Community, etc. Thread listings?

              Or, perhaps a Topic Writer that we can click on the main fora page without entering say, Civ III-General or the OT?

              Or upgrading the Unit Stats idea to my system
              (You said you'd look at it )
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                I will love to quick reply.
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