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    So did I, but some people at CFC said no, som I'm not really sure know...
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      Originally posted by MarkG
      H Tower, interested in helping in the sorting?
      The first 5 pages of the modpack section

      ANCIENT: up to 470 AD
      -Death and Resurrection of an Empire by Mathias
      -Orbis Terrae by Mercator

      MEDIEVAL: 470 AD - 1492 AD
      -Arabia Awakes by Leon Marrick
      -Timur Khan by Markus
      -Jihad by ???

      RENAISSANCE: 1492 AD - 1700 AD
      -Colonies III by Patient English
      -The Ascendance of Europe by Lumpkin
      -Canada by Eirik Langeland
      -The Mysterious Cities of Gold by Pano
      -Europe 1650 by Markus Ekland
      -Paraguay by El Fara

      18TH CENTURY (1700-1799)

      19TH CENTURY (1800-1899)
      -The War of Cuba by JB
      -The Long 19th Century by ???
      -Africa: Colonial Empire by Richard Logus
      -Imperialism by ???
      -Imperial Conference by ???
      -Age of Imperialism by Matthias Pitz

      EARLY 20TH CENTURY:1900 AD - 1946
      -The Battle of Australia by Case
      -WWIII- Pacific by ???
      -WW2 in China by Harlan
      -The Cruel Sea by Case
      -May 1940 by John L. Ross
      -1939 by Guillermo López García
      -The Second World War by ???

      RECENT: 1947- Present
      -Yugoslavia : Suicide of a European nation by Pano
      -Exodus 1947 by The Nani
      -Exodus Partition 1947 by The Nani
      -Day of Treason by The Nani
      -Israeli Independence by Yahav Nussbaum
      -NATO War 2 by Roy Taylor
      -21st by Bompo
      -Cold War by Prushka

      -Star Trek Wars by Joe Santurri
      -Time Threat Paradox by William Denman
      -Aliens on Mars by Mindwarp
      -Star Wars by Chris and Steve Walpole
      -1984 by Urisan
      -Gwani by diety
      -Independence Day Borg by Dirk Weber

      - Lord of the Rings by harlan
      -Magical History by G R Fullman-Hall
      -Cave Wars by ???
      -Islands in the Sand by **** Knisely
      -The Wheel of Time by Kurt Stoyle
      -Ice Age by Kestrel

      -Kaki by ???
      -Sid Meier's Civilization by John Miles
      -The Fog of War by ???
      -Canadaqc by dsaindon
      -Newtech by Byron Anderson

      bet you weren't expecting me to actually do it were you?


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        will make the changes sometime until friday
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          Just used the Add A File form (at least it worked ). One suggestion to improve it the at a file forms for the old database had an additional field entitled synopsis, could please add it to this form Markos. The synopsis was considered for the catogery summery and the discription for the detail page of one entry, actual it doesn't make sense to me to have the same text on the summery page and the detail page.

          By the way we need also access to the Apolyton Directory from the various sections of Apolyton for example from the CTP2 section.

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            por the version en español-


            Scenario= libreto
            Special= especial
            maps= las cartas
            graphics= gra'fico (with the ' above the a)
            carpeta= file (as in filing cabinet)
            And once again, remeber my suggestions about the country flags languages (when you highlight them give their names- their names en español are on page 3 of this thread )

            Another suggestion, what about putting the country flag language changers on the main page, instead of embedding them in the list?

            era creacio'naba eso carpeta

            FOR Page-

            FOR ___ has created this file.

            Good job adding the Civ II files to the database!
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              martin, we are droping the synopsis field in the import process

              we'll only have one description field
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              Co-Owner/Webmaster, | CTO, Apogee Information Systems
     my non-mobile non-photo news & articles blog