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    I'm really hoping I don't get targeted spam since most of them are for viagra, other drugs, or penis operations!


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      At least its not breast augmentation/reduction spam
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        No spam here
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          Check for viruses and spyware.
          Considering that I don't even have home internet, that seems puzzling.
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            My spam has dropped off to 30 a day (which is easy to deal with). I dont know why, but then I dont know what sparks it either.
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              30 posts?


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                Originally posted by SpencerH
                Its not simply a question of spam and email. That's obvious.

                The question is how I can get spam with poly topics in the subject to an email address that has never been used (or mentioned) at poly? I suppose spyware could explain it the link, but AFAIK (and I do check) I've never had any.

                Hmmm? What about an IP address? Is there an IP address (or some other identifier) in the property info of our posts here? Since I had a static IP address at home I guess that could have been used to send spam to my 'real' email.
                IP-address isn't linked to e-mail.

                If you are using a normal modem for connecting via an ISP (Internet Service Provider ) you will get everytime a new IP-address (normally, as usual exceptions). But even this would only been known by the ISP, which IP connects with which IP-address.

                What is possible is to trace somebody activities (via his/her IP-@ and collect his data he transmitted and received and find out this way his e-mail address, but this is a fairly hard-way). But this way you are not able to read the e-mail itself, just the headers. (Again under certain circumstances, you can even do this )
                This tracing would normally require a person from the ISP to do so. Might be worthwhile changing your ISP. I heard that some people working on the IT-side of ISP's have been doing it and selling this information further (STRICKLY FORBIDDEN).

                Actually at the e-mail address I use for Polly, I never got any SPAM

                I have three addresses, one in Germany, one in the .com area and the last one at work. Nearly all of them a SPAM-free let's hope it stays this way