During ApolyCon '06 held last month in Timonium, Maryland, developer Firaxis Games' Soren Johnson and Dorian Newcomb gave a presentation on "Prototyping for Civilization IV" at event venue Holiday Inn Select-Baltimore North. What can now be considered the first version of this session was conducted during the Game Developers Conference this past May; this time, more in-game CivIV demonstrations were possible and available time overall was available.

In the second of five installments a look at "Civics Gone Bad" is followed by a look at CivIV's Version "C" (May 2004), the first accessible to private beta testers which includes an abandoned terrain styling approach. While noting the impact of the invitation-only play session which saw many modders slide from the multiplayer to the single-player side of the testing, Version "D" which was completed three months later is visted next where graphic changes become another focus. A reflection on a (2003) Chris Crawford quote of the Civ series in general concludes this edition. Below is a screenshot from this production:

A screenshot from "Version D" of CivIV

The video is in Windows Media format, 20m29s in length and 47.0MB in size. Part 3 is scheduled for release on August 25th.

Dan; Apolyton CS