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IC Story - The years before Chiron

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  • IC Story - The years before Chiron

    This thread is dedicated to all those fallen comrades who have not landed in Chiron.
    Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

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    It was the fall of year 2056. Inside the deep mountains in southeast of China.

    "The girl picks lotuses by the autumn bank, as she pulls on her narrow sleeves, two gold bracelets are revealed…"

    The fog has lightened by the morning winds. A young man of the age of 15 or 16, stood besides a giant pine tree. Singing carelessly, the young man examined pleasingly the just finished calligraphy written on the big stone in front of him. A long brush in his right hand was still wet with inks. The calligraphy was of Lan Ting Prologue in the cursive script style. The carefree movement of the strokes suggested a dancing rather than a racing speed.

    "On the surface is a picture of beauty, but underneath her heart is like a string struggling to be untangled."

    The carelessly singing continued. The young man paced a half step to his side while looking at his work. His right hand rose casually as if he wanted to add something to it. Before the brush touched the smooth surface of the stone, the young man’s wrist made a sudden but slight move, and a large drop of ink flied swiftly like a bullet shooting toward the direction of his back.

    The drop of ink mysteriously stopped in front of a man who stood twenty steps away. He was about 60 or so, the robe he was wearing has been washed to a blueish-gray. His left hand was positioned in front of his lower chest with the palm facing up, and his right hand was positioned above the left hand with the palm facing to it. The drop of ink circled speedily between his palms, but it did not drop, nor spilled away. The old man lifted his right hand, and the drop of ink started to slowly fly toward the ink jar under the pine tree. It dropped into the ink jar like it was dripped from the tip of a brush that had just left the jar.

    "Grandpa!" The young man turned around.

    "Yang Tzi, your awareness radius has increased again." Shengji Yang smiled approvingly.

    "But I still can’t get close to you no matter how hard I try."

    Shengji did not answer the young man’s complain. In stead he walked up to the big stone and slowly read out Yang Tzi’s calligraphy.

    "… While experiencing the ups and downs in our lives, we may be wakened by thoughts while meditating in a small chamber. Or, we may let go of ourselves in the open Nature. Choices are plenty, tranquility or activity as one prefers. I am contented with whatever happiness is brought forth, however short the moment is. I am satisfied, not knowing that I am aging nor where I am heading…

    "Things do change, only our feelings linger. What we used to be fond of will become the past instantaneously. We can't help but to cheer ourselves by recollection. Life, long or short, always comes to an end…"

    "Do not overlook our ancestors’ great wisdom. Much have been lost in today’s busy modern life. Not many people know that one should look inside oneself to find the source of life and look back in history to find the meaning of existence. Find yourself, then you would be able to extend your awareness outward, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity." Shengji Yang turned to Yang Tzi and asked, "Do you know why I ask you to study calligraphy?"

    "calligraphy is a mental exercise that coordinates the mind and the body to choose the best styling in expressing the content of the passage. It is a most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercise for one's physical and spiritual well being."

    Shengji Yang nodded. "Unlike other visual art techniques, all calligraphy strokes are permanent and incorrigible, demanding careful planning and confident execution. When one is able to express himself freely and creatively while conforming to the defined structure of words, he would reach the stage of harmony between man and the nature."

    Shengji Yang continued to examine the calligraphy. "Your skills have improved a lot over the years. You have great talent, Yang Tzi. And the simple life inside the deep mountains has provided the best environment for you to form your Qi and learn you skills. You will be able to surpass me long before you are at my age." Shengji looked at Yang Tzi adoringly. "However, I worry that things have been too easy for you. Your handwriting shows rhythm and beauty, dynamic and creativity, but lacks persistency and seriousness." Shengji Yang pondered, "I have said that we will not go out to the world again until you are able to across the mountains by yourself. I wonder now that you have mastered the lightness skill, maybe it’s time for you to go out and see the world."
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    Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

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      (Sorry to jump to the end of the story but I had this in mind before I could formulate any other chapters. I'll move this if I ever got to write other pieces.)

      Yang Tzi and HongHu hurried through the tunnel. Outside the windows HongHu could see several landing pods, breaking apart from the unity, and thrusters firing one by one. The ground shook violently, indicating the pod trying to break away. But somehow it was still connected.

      “We are out of time.” Commented Yang Tzi while he frantically opened the hatch of the door that connected pod seven with the connecting bridge and the main bay entrance.

      There! On the unity side, a series of explosive bolts that should have fired were still in place and still holding the landing pods. All the lives of the crews in landing pod seven were held together by those bolts.

      “Yang Tzi, come here!” HongHu shouted in the other end of the bridge. She opened a small armors chest that must be discarded by somebody during the fight. There were several grenades left in there. Yang Tzi leaped back and picked one up. “Good idea Hongie!” He smiled to HongHu before she swung the box cover on his head with her full strength.

      Sorry, my dear Yang Tzi. HongHu watched Yang Tzi collaping onto the ground with tears in her eyes. She turned around and raced toward the connection bridge. This is good bye now. She knew that after the bolts were lit she wouldn’t have time to come back. I love you. Don’t forget me …

      All of a sudden HongHu felt a finger on her waist and her body suddenly lost all the strength. Yang Tzi held her tightly in his arms, gazed into her eyes, and said in husky and low voice: “How could you leave me like this, my dear Hongie, without even a kiss?” A stream of blood slowly flew along Yang Tzi’s temple as his face was lowered to her face …

      HongHu wanted to raise her hand to erase the blood for Yang Tzi but she couldn’t move. Seeing the pain in her eyes Yang Tzi assured her, “The immobilization will wear out in one minute. I didn’t use my full strength when I did that.” He gently put her down against the wall.

      Tears ran down HongHu’s face, “Let me go with you, please.” She pleaded.

      “No. I want you to live, my dear Hongie.”

      “How can I live if you are not with me?”

      Yang Tzi gave her a quick final kiss before he ran toward the bridge, “I want you to look at the planet for me.”

      Yang Tzi activated the grenade and watched the countdown. At one second to go he squeezed the grenade in his hand and slammed it into the nearest explosive bolt. Wasted no time, he leaped to the main bay and pressed the button to close both doors that separate the landing pod from the main bay.

      HongHu sprung from the floor and lunged to the closing door. It was closed. Yang Tzi, the love of her life, was a mere ten feet away, separated from her by two closely shut doors.

      Through the transparent windows on the doors, Yang Tzi and HongHu gazed into each other.

      Explosion blasted through the series of bolts like a chain of fire. Landing Pod Seven rocked violently, finally splitting away from the Unity, flying toward the forever dark space.

      Beside the transparent windows, a young man and a young woman, gazed into each other, through the enlarging distance, through the dark space, through the eternity …

      Have I told you that I love you? …

      Have I told you that I’d give me life for you? …
      Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

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        (wipes a tear from the old eyeball)

        That is beautiful, and reminiscent of home on Earth before capitalistic and polluted ideals forced us to flee from that burning ball of hatred and inhumanity.

        The Chairman always did like Li Bai. Now I know which Holobook to get him for the Holiday Season.

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        Pleasures flowing,
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          (Another piece. Sorry they are not chronically ordered.)

          “To attempt the unthinkable even if it is doomed to fail, this is to be a man. To succeed and not known by anybody, this is to be a real hero.” YangTzi smiled calmly, looking into the wide, enthusiastic, and admiring eyes of the dozen girls that circled him. It was the graduation day at the Connell University. The air was filled with excitement and buoyancy. YangTzi loved to visit this campus. During the ten years when he was a member of Team Alpha, he had come here often between missions. He loved the interactions with these young and naïve college girls. He had chosen Team Alpha for he needed the challenges to his physical and mental capabilities. And now he decided to take part in the Unity project, again because it was something that nobody had done before. The infinite possibilities … But he loved to come here to wash off the dust of battles. Led by Lady Skye, Connell was about the last corner in earth where the trees were green, the air was fresh, and the souls were unpolluted.

          All of a sudden YangTzi was having the strange feeling of being watched again. He turned around abruptly. Nothing suspicious. YangTzi shot another look at the girl with long black hair ten feet away, who was lowering her head toward a plant in her hands. A slyly smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. A trace of alarm stayed in his mind. A gaze so concentrated, almost like with solid materials. Either came from intensive emotions, or many years’ training… YangTzi had never met an opponent with such skills. Perhaps this one will not be as easy as the others …

          He is watching … HongHu felt her face warmed up slowly. She bit her lip and raised her head. He caught her with his bold, unmerciful gaze. HongHu’s face blushed. For a second she wanted to move her eyes away but she couldn’t. He didn’t let her go. He walked toward her slowly, with his eyes fixed on her, talking to her with his gaze. Don’t run away … Come to me … Come …

          The world was turning … Noises faded away … She was lost. Such deep sea … So much inside it … HongHu stood still, her eyes filled with wonder. YangTzi circled one arm around her waist, covered her mouth with his own, closed her wide-open eyes using his other hand, and then caught the flower pod that was falling from her unknowing hands.

          … Like a thousand years …

          YangTzi looked down at HongHu’s slowly opening misty eyes. At least her lips are sweet and soft. YangTzi was a little disappointed. He’d hoped that she was different. But she wasn’t able to resist him after all. Like all the others.

          “What’s your name?” YangTzi asked. Maybe he could spend a little time with her if she liked before he reported to the base. She is a nice girl. He would hate to hurt her feelings.

          YangTzi watched with amazement the girl’s eyes becoming clear slowly. “Why are you so cruel?” She said.

          YangTzi was taken aback. Before he could say anything, HongHu continued, “Why do you pretend you are interested when you really are not?” She lowered her eyes away from him, took the flower pot, and turned away. YangTzi wanted to say something but stopped himself. Somehow he wished she would look back if only once.

          She didn’t.

          She IS different from the others …
          Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

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