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Momentum-Hybrid-Builder Challenge Game#1

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  • Momentum-Hybrid-Builder Challenge Game#1

    This is game #1 of the Momentum-Hybrid-Builder Challenge. This game is a SMAC game on Thinker level. It is full of people with a little multiplayer experience or no multiplayer experience with a lot of Smac experience. The teams should be a good balance of experience and the factions look to be even. The players are:

    1. Gaians --Basil -- Hybrid #1 [email protected]

    2. Hive -- Garth Vadar -- Momentum #1
    [email protected]

    3. University -- Aardvark -- Builder #1
    [email protected]

    4. Morgan -- Enigma -- Hybrid #2
    [email protected]

    5. Spartans -- Qualicide -- Momentum #2
    [email protected]

    6. Peacekeepers -- Joer -- Builder #2
    [email protected]

    Please remember to contact ONLY your partner. You do not have any one elses comm frequency. You must set your OWN passwords and make the pacts yourself. Have fun everyone, I hope this is a good map, I didn't see it... Tig

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    "Lady Basil"?? Is there any way we can change that? (Either "Lady" or "Basil"?)

    MY 2201 sent to Garth Vadar.

    Here's my correct email:
    [email protected]
    I have no idea where .la is

    I presume we can talk to our partner as if we'd popped a pod with their comm link in it?


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      Turn to UoP

      There is a Customize faction option in the Network menu.

      I corrected the spelling and am now to be referred to as Executor Vader.

      Hive official announcement

      We would like to announce the joyous founding of The Hive. I would also like to announce the execution of our pilot that landed us in such lousy terrain.
      Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi Wan's apprentice.


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        Ummm.. ask Garth how to change things.. I just used your board ID as your name to keep things less confusing. I didn't bother changing genders even though quite a few of them were wrong in both games, including my own



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          Okay guys, Aardvark doens't seem to be playing. He sent that email out to all of us a couple days ago, but he never replied to my email inquiry or passed on the turn (unless you all are just being bad about posting the turn notices).

          So... Garth, would YOU send ME the turn, I'll play it and pass it on so y'all can get this game moving again. I will try to find a substitute player by the time it gets back to that spot in the game order.

          Sorry guys...Tig


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            Ok I'll send it to you when I get home from work, Tig. You are used to getting turns from me at that time
            Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi Wan's apprentice.


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              if the emails are correct Aardvark has passed the turn onto Enigma. Could someone verify this? if so, it looks like this game is finally moving with the original players.

              Aardvark, if you're reeading this could you please post a note in this topic every time you send off a turn?



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                So where are we here?
                Is this game still alive?

                Aardvark sent his first turn off, right?
                Where is it stuck now?

                Wow, are we slow. Any chance we could speed this up?


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                  My turn is finally done, yes. Had a little trouble there in the beginning, moving into my new house and all, but I am now online and ready to play. Turn was sent.

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                  ----Acadamician Prokhor Zakharov, Planetfall


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                    According to what I've heard and received in email, I believe that Enigma played the turn and passed it on to the wrong person.. we need you to shoot it over to Qualicide now instead of who you sent it to... please do so ASAP, Enigma... thx..Tig


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                      I recieved the turn from Johnnyboy a while ago but it was the turn meant for the UoP, I did not play it or send any turns.

                      I notified Tig and Johnny that the wrong turn was sent... I have not yet recieved any turns intended for Morgan.

                      I have not recieved any turns from Aardvark...
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                        Just a quick note:
                        Johnny boy (email name) == Aardvark (bboard name).
                        Does that clear up or create more confusion?


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                          lets all gang beat him and kick him out of the challange


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                            Has he not replied to your request for the Morgan turn?
                            Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi Wan's apprentice.


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                              Sorry about the confusion guys. I could swear I saw Johnny boy in the second slot for turns at one point or another... I sent turn 1 to Qualiciide.

                              I am sure I saw Johnny boy on the turn listings.. before the UoP.

                              It was probably the right turn that was sent to me the first time, I never actually opened it. However I did ask him about the turn and the responses only added to the confusion.

                              Well glad to see we are off anyway.
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