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Turns of ACT029 game in Apolyton PBEM Tournament

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  • Turns of ACT029 game in Apolyton PBEM Tournament

    The players of this game:Difficulty level: Librarian.

    Please, read and obey the rules posted on the thread Apolyton 2000 PBEM Tournament

    You should post turn administration/notification messages below.

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    Turn sent to Judas.


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      Bad news...

      sadly, I am unable to play any more PBEM games at this time, aside from the first one, ACT025. I emailed TC about this. I truely am sorry.
      It's a CB.
      SteamID: rampant_scumbag


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        Yes, I will find a replacement player. Judas, if you are reading this, send the turn to me ( ) when you have played it. And I must ask you to hurry, or I will have to cancel this game due to lack of response. Thank you.


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          !? This my first game and all I will be away on a business trip from Friday lunchtime (GMT) to Sunday night, so i need the next turn before Friday. In any event I will be away for just over 48 hours from Friday lunchtime, so i will need a slight postponement at that point. Of course if I get my next turn in either game before then, there should be no undue disruption.


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            Sigh... still no response from Judas. Oh well, this game is cancelled. The remaining players will be set up for other games soon.


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                huh... i was wondering what happened...

                i've become impossible
                holding on to when
                when everything seemed to matter more
                the two of us
                all used and beaten up
                watching fate as it flows down the path we
                have chose