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  • On the Road to Erewhon

    Luckily, after Earth's Doom, we had Erewhon to go!

    That was the thought of the several faction leaders, as they were separately approaching to Planet's surface.

    Some of them soon were to discover how subtly alien an apparently similar planet can be, and which hideous threats can hide in these oddly red-coloured fungus layers...

    I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)

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    Junior Civer posted May 05, 1999 23:09
    "I can confirm that the earthquake was triggered by our attempts to recover a Unity Pod. There is no truth to the rumor, however, that our infrastructure was damaged ..."
    Lord Zod
    -excerpt from the Gaian Daily Planet, 2131

    Turn Complete
    I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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      CEO Aredhran, Personal Log, MY 2130

      I would never have thought I would find myself strapped for cash one day... a measly 13 energy credits accumulated over 30 years ! Unbelievable.

      I earned more than that every second when I was twelve ! I suppose this proves that you just can't trust anyone but yourself. Of course, the incompetent Chief Financial Officer has been fired, and I'll take matters into my own hands from this day forward.


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        ....Retrieved from former CFO personal log:

        "Darn! How can they expect to do my job, with more that 300 EC, an NOTHING to invest in!!
        Oh, there! Our agents on the territory brought back some ideas on new kind of facilities that can be put on the market. And they seem to be synergic too with those thingies, which none seemed to be otherwise interested in. I hope in the long run my choice will prove to bring back, at least indirectly, some benefits to our economy. I will surely be fired anyway, if I keep these big digits uselessly flashin' on my e-wallet display, and hide it under my mat.

        our free-lance agent hardly recovered that page from the poor man's badly damaged PDA. It was of no use anyway for him now: he's homeless, and he was trying desperately to munch that e-device.

        source unknown
        I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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          "Henceforth, as Protector of Planet, I am banning the wanton destruction of all alien lifeforms. We have information that indicates that other "factions" from Unity may have safely made planetfall. This ban extends to them as well and we are prepared to enforce it.

          Therefore, we have authorized the Gaian Defense League (GDL)to initiate a weapons research program to ensure that our patrols have the tools they need to do their job. I want to emphasize that these weapons will be used only to defend Planet.

          The Gaian Society is open to peaceful coexistance with all......."

          Lord Zod
          excerpt from the Gaian Daily Planet, 2131


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            From: CEO Aredhran
            To: All citizens of Morgan Industries
            Subject: Disinformation

            It has been brought to my attention that false rumors are being spread around the bases about the fate of the Company's former CFO. Those rumors tell that the man is now a bum or that he has been executed.

            I hereby wish to strongly deny these insidious lies, undoubtedly spread by the enemies of Free Market and Profit. The man was obviously not fit for the charge that he held for the last few years, and so has undergone a special education program and is now in charge of the Administrative Department at Morgan Tobacco Ltd.

            Moreover, as everybody knows, there are no homeless people in our Bases. We live in a society driven by Profit, yes, but not at the expense of a part of the population. Everybody is offered a decent job, and good accomodation.

            This is why I won't allow our cities to expand until the proper infrastructure has been built to provide the necessary comfort to its inhabitants.

            Do not believe the rumors spread by the Evil Communist liars. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to address them to my Public Relations office at

            Sincerely yours,
            CEO Aredhran
            Morgan Industries


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              "and I will require all Gaians to purchase a permit for mind worm hunting....perhaps I should require a percentage of the energy recovered from the husks as well. This should produce sufficient revenue but I will have to find a way to channel the credits into my personal accounts (illegible text) concerned that the Lady may still live..."

              excerpt from Lord Zod's personal diary, dated 2131 (this portion of the diary was recovered near Gaia's Landing in 2505)


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                Private Log, 2131
                First Consul jimmytrick
                Gaian Defense League

                I have been informed by Second Consul that our planetologists have found a palmsize, greenish, spherical object that is emitting bursts of energy at consistent intervals. Analysis of the energy patterns have suggested that the object is a communication device of some type. Origin unknown. Decoding of the "messages" has been given top priority.

                There seems to be a flaw in the sphere, codenamed Emerald, as many of the energy patterns seem to echo. This is causing many difficulties.

                One theory is that the messages are being brodcast from the future. I have been shown a preliminary translation of one fragment that is very troubling. Therefore, I have decided to limit Lord Zod's access to the Emerald Project until we know more.

                The fragment seems to be an excerpt from Lord Zod's diary which supposedly was discovered in 2505! This is very strange and I presume it will be revealed as a hoax.

                On the other hand, Zod does keep a diary. I must investigate the circumstances of Lady Diedre's death more closely.

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                  "Lord Zod."

                  "Yes", Zod turned to see his First Consul enter the chamber with a big haired girl in tow.

                  "May I present the Lady Monica." jimmytrick smiled and deftly retreated, leaving Lord Zod
                  with an unobstructed view. He had long ago learned not to hang around when Zod met a new woman.

                  "Hello my dear, how nice to meet you" said Zod, while reaching for the last of the Cubans. "jimmytrick, would you please check on that little project of ours."

                  jimmytrick made a mental note to check on the cigar operation. Damn that Miriam, I should have realized she would destroy all the tobacco products immediately after Garland's death. Now Captain Garland, that was a man who appreciated a good cigar.......

                  jimmytrick scurried thru the corridor intent on ..........


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                    Private Log, 2136
                    First Consul jimmytrick
                    Gaian Defense League

                    I have informed Lord Zod that GDL Security has determined that the Peacekeepers have planted spies in our intelligence ranks. The delays in Operation "Insertion" have been traced to a datalink virus developed by Brother Darkstar himself. Of course it could have been planted by other factions, but, it has all the earmarks of that warmongering brat. I have urged Lord Zod to prepare our forces for a premptive strike should we learn the location of the Peacekeeper landing site. If other factions can be enlisted in this effort, fine, but we must be prepared to move without delay. Planet will not be safe as long as Darkstar is alive.


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                      Transcripts of the West Garden, MY 2138

                      How does this sound Murphy? It has been many a long days for the Forces Of Humanity, also known as the United National Peoples Of Earth. Yes, that has a much better ring to it than the UN, don't you think?

                      Sir, they'll just call us UNPOElite...

                      Good point. I don't know why Brother Lal placed such importance in Memoirs and personal logs. As a meditation upon ones achievements and failings I can think of many better techniques. Oh well. I know that look, Sir Murphy. What is troubling you today?

                      Sir, our latest immigrants from the Stepchildren of Earth have dire news. Lady Skye has seemingly disappeared, and a Lord Zod has seized power in her absence. All reports say that he is in collusion with the Morganic forces, trying to clone quote, "The best Tobac and the best Ass." Unquote. Perhaps we should ask some of our more Dedicated to see what other things he is trying to brew in his labs. I doubt his lusts will stop at raising his nicotine levels and lowering his testostorone.

                      I don't know, Brother Murphy. His people might misinterpret it as spying.

                      Sir, it is spying.

                      Well, if you couldn't understand the distinction, what would the people think? No, we can depend on our emmigrants to bring us word of the goings on of the others for a while yet. We haven't the resources to spare from the Childrens Academies and the Surveyors. And our growing populations need more land. No, the business of spying will have to wait, Murphy.

                      As you say, Brother Darkstar. But may I still send Lord Zod a ---?

                      No Murphy. Leave Zod alone. But I would like you to go visit with the scientists and see about encouraging them to look to the seas soon. If we could harnass the tidal action, it would greatly increase our people's life quality and allow everyone larger Energy Rations. Yes, yes. See to that Murphy. And make sure I am not disturbed for the next hour. I wish to meditate further on the lost ones and how best to presuade them to join with us in Peace and Harmony once again.

                      Peace and Happiness, Brother Darkstar.

                      Peace and Happiness, Brother Murphy.

                      ---Recording ends.
                      (Knight Errant Of Spam)


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                        Zod: And, so then, nothing may be done?

                        jimmytrick: No sir.

                        Zod: The estimates?

                        jimmytrick: It is expected that half of the base population will die, and some part of the infrastructure will be destroyed. Our handlers indicate that we will be able to secure the area after the initial attack wave has struck.

                        Zod: I regret these losses and the long range effect of this may be immense. Nevertheless, jimmytrick, we must always be willing to take risks such as these if we are to survive in this strange and alien place.

                        jimmytrick: Yes, there was no way to predict that investigating the pod would raise this, this, demon isle from the deep, much less that its worm boils would disembark upon our own shores.

                        Zod: Quite the contrary, I knew of this possibility. Much has been revealed me by the whispering of Planet. Still, I regret the losses we will suffer from being so bold. Did our foil escape?

                        jimmytrick: Yes sir.

                        Zod: Good, please instruct the commander to continue to the objective. I have a feeling some of our old friends may be in for a surprise.

                        a conversation, MY 2142


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                          jimmytrick: The boils turned away from the base and headed up the coast.

                          Zod: It is an omen. Planet has smiled upon us.

                          a conversation, MY 2143


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                            It is with the deepest regrets that I must inform this council and our people that the Third Terraforming Corps has made the Ultimate Sacrifice. While working on the flood dikes near the Lal River, The Third Terraforming Corps was suddenly caught unexpectedly, just as all of us were in the region, by that monster of hurricane that came out of the deep. The Third decided unanimously to stay and complete there work, in the hurricane and the raging flood waters. Their hurculean task kept the raging flood waters out of our little city, our homes, indeed, this very chamber. Their Most Noble of Sacrifices has allowed us to survive. I only wish that they had. We will always remember our fellow brothers and sisters that chose to stay and turn the river's rage away from us. While the region will take some time to recover from the damage inflicted upon it by the hurricane, there would be noone to clean up and rebuild without their supreme efforts. Please... A moment of silence in rememberance of these fearless, fallen heroes of the nation.

                            [Vid rolls of a montage of the members of the Third Terraforming Corps.]

                            Thank You. We will care for your families as you have cared for ours. We will show the dedication and determination that you have shown we all have. We WILL master this continent, making it safe for all Men and Women, whatever their ages.

                            Brother Darkstar - "The Greatest Sacrifice"
                            MY 2143
                            (Knight Errant Of Spam)


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                              Morgan industries is sad to report the loss of yet another valiant scout to this inhospitable planet's native life forms. A solemn minute of silence (unpaid, of course) will be held across the nation to honor the memory of the brave souls who gave their lives for the Company.

                              CEO Aredhran

                              * * *

                              The grip overheard the CEO mumble as he stepped away from the MorganLink Camera: "these drones... give them a minute and they'll steal you two more... no wonder our energy reserves are so low."