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    Ive been reading on your forum about multiplayer games and tournaments for SMAC. I was curious to the extremes of how this is accomplished. Is it over the internet, modem, if the function built into the game, or icq? Is it much slower than single player games? If this is just a stupid question tell me but im such a newbie i havent even played a full single player game.

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    There are many options for computer-to-computer multiplayer games. You can play on a LAN, over the internet via direct TCP/IP or AlphaNet HQ, via direct cable connect or modem and even supposedly on H.E.A.T. (but I couldn't get it to work).

    Another popular method is playing face-to-face with Hot Seat. Players take their turns round robin with every human faction sequentially sitting in "the hot seat".

    The last method, albeit much slower, yet still quite popular, is play-by-e-mail or PBEM. This is essentially the same as Hot Seat only the game is saved and passed along via e-mail for each human player.

    Yet another variation on the theme is the "CMN Phenomenon". One of the options for SMAC play is Time Warp: Accelerated Start. However, many have been dissatisfied with the job the computer has done of playing their faction for 20, 30 or 60 some odd years.

    Therefore, some intrepid souls (the CMNs) have taken to the idea of creating scenarios/games and "manually" or should I say "humanly" accelerating them the desired number of turns. If you see the initials CMN, it stands for Creator-Moderator-Narrator. That is, a neutral SMACer who sets up an accelerated game and (optionally) moderates disputes and provides narration as the game develops.

    As to the tournament, some nutcase, (i.e., me) decided it was time to "take the bull by the horns" and just do it! All I did was design a custom map, organize 16 contestants, setup 8 game .SAV files for the first round and now the contestants are busy playing! You can follow the progress of May Madness (MM) in the two threads dedicated to them here on Apolyton:

    Mundane MM game progress reports:

    MM Narrative/Role Playing Reports:

    You can find out much more about CMN games over in the EA SMAC Multiplayer Forums at

    Have fun!

    SMAC n ... Ted S.