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Set up mah first mp game

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  • Set up mah first mp game

    i am a n00b at smac, i've played b4 but not online i need some ppl to teach me how to set up a multiplayer game

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    Anyone fancy an open-information game?

    That's a game where we explain our turns, and know each-others' passwords.
    That way, we can learn from the strategies of others.

    The game rules:
    Any move warrants an explaination
    Bugs are allowed for Builder purposes (that only affect the faction initiating the bug).
    The map is open-knowledge, as are all the faction settings.

    You gotta pick a faction, dude.
    I'm using the University of Planet in this one.


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      yeah i'll play.... oh wait... actually - no thanks


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        So as far as I can tell:
        Original Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
        2 players

        Waiting for the thread starter to check the thread.
        you know, if you can't play a turn at least every day, I haven't got the patience to teach...


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          This one's dead.
          NO GAME


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            Enigma, have you considered that EvilFred very much wants to play, yet doesn't like your idea for a game? Perhaps he just wants a standard PBEM not an open game as you propose.

            I think you should move your new game idea to a new thread and see if people pick it up there. If EvilFred gets no new people for his PBEM then it can be declared dead, but by him - either by his absence, or by posting.

            Also, it could be that he's just waiting for people to post and say they want a game with him... I know last game I posted for, I didn't post in the thread again until we already had the number of players I wanted.

            Just some thoughts.
            Play hangman.


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              Yeah, I didn't consider the prospect of lurking.

              In any case, I tried an open-information PBEM a while back. It didn't catch on.
              I'll repropose the thread, but I don't want to run 5 PBEMs at once.

              Unsubscribes from this thread

              I like screwing with alternative game settings. Make the game less Vanilla.


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                Finally, it let me log on X(

                meh sorreh but my smac buggered up so i cant play, soz 4 wasting time


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                  Sorry, Chaunk.


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                    Play hangman.