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Recruiting for new PBEM: unlikely alliances

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    Unlikely Alliances: Almost Complete

    The map is almost done. I need you to agree on (or discuss) the following:

    1) Accelerated start: Each human faction will get 4 Colony Pods, 2 Scout Patrols and a Former.
    2) AI Boost: The Unlikely Alliances are especially hostile towards human players (Intense Rivalry). I think the overall level of difficulty would be considered medium/hard (though, I'm not sure if this rating is correct).
    3) Game Rules: (see the attached image)
    4) House Rules: You may wish to set up a more detailed set of house rules, e.g. no crawler upgrades etc.
    5) Passwords: You can PM or e-mail me if you want a specific password for the game (Rubin_Datalinks AT hotmail DOT com).
    6) Turn Order: University -> Cybernetic Consciousness -> Data Angels -> AI Factions

    If you have additional preferences, please post these and I'll see what I can do. I'll have the game ready (I hope) shortly after you've all confirmed.
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      Looks good to me.

      Password request sent in PM.
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        Game ready!

        The setup is done. I tested the game 3 times with different results each time. The AI should be at a medium difficulty. However you may be surprised. I've made a turn thread for the game here.

        2101 sent to AgentSubversion.