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Soporific gas pods?

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    Um...I always thought it was a +2 morale in the unit's SE rating. Thus, the attack would be +1 morale, yet the defense would be +2.

    As for soporific gas pods, I'll use them as long as there are artrosity resctictions on. Otherwise, use Nerve gas.
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      I make use of several Trained Gas Rovers/Hovertanks in any assault. Kicks the stuffing out of most of the AI's city defense units. I first developed them when fighting Santiago (for obvious reasons) and soon grew to relish the savory flavor the gas gives to enemy flesh.
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        Dr. F, At some point you will have to add WAVE to your copters and tanks to overcome AAA and ECM. So the question is, do you keep trained or gas. From the above analysis, gas appears to be the better choice. Ned arch+from+The+Empire+Strikes+Back.ogg&wiki=en


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          Especially if you have the Command Nexus & Cyborg Factory. Usually I manage those two, which normally bumps my units up to Elite. You can't go above Elite, so Training them doesn't give you anything extra. Therefore, use soporific gas pods!
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            Two things about trained:

            On a scout its a free special ability: it doesn't increase the cost. 1 row for a scout or trained scout, 2 rows for a clean scout, or a clean-trained scout. So for upgradeable shell production, go for it.

            Secondly, obviously, you don't need trained to go above elite, though it may keep those units elite if you switch back to wealth. And if training just makes a unit elite, then it is very worth it, cause of the extra movement point.
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              Ned -

              Instead of adding wave, I usually add blink, because that late in the game, enemy bases can have tachyon defenses. I'd rather bypass the +200% defense thing.

              Of course, the best way to do all this would be to send in enough probes to disable the tachyon and perimeter defenses, and then go in. I do that whenever possible.

              But it is often my experience that I end up attacking my largest rival late in the game. And my intent is usually to disable their offensive (the AI makes war on you when you're ahead, right?) by bringing the problem to their part of the planet. But, of course, their bases start folding quickly, one after another, and I find myself hyperextended all over a continent, taking out base after base. So eventually my assault vehicles are far away from their probe team support. And I'd rather make a bunch of drop tanks than drop probes... So, I often end up slugging it out with some pretty heavily defended bases.

              In that case, I've found blink is a beautiful thing. The defenses just *aren't there*.

              Nice thing about soporific gas is that it occurs so much earlier in the game. And if my nice little builder-world is being harrassed by some amphetamine-charged enemy like Santiago, it's a relief to bring them down several notches with gas.

              And they die with such beautiful smiles....
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                I have never run up against Tackyon. If I did, I would add Blink to WAVE and discard GAS.

                Even so, when the enemy has any kind of defender above 4, you really have to do something to reduce their added defensive abilities. In these circumstances, I also spend a lot of time destroying sensors first before a direct assault. Here, interceptos are invaluable.