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Is The Planetary Transit SP Worth It?

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    Morganstern and cbn, I have experienced the same problem of the PT not taking all existing bases up to three. Looks like a bug, not an install problem.


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      The Planetary Transit System only provides that *new* bases, bases created after the secret project has been created, will start at size 3. Thus a base already established cannot start at size 3, as it as already started. So you can still have bases lower than size 3 if they're old and slow in growth.


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        Imp - it may differ between versions or something, but I have *definitely* used the PTS to bring size 1 & 2 bases straight up to size 3, in both SP & MP. I use (like the majority of people here, I would imagine) SMACX v2.

        Come to think of it, I've also had it happen in SMAC v4.
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          Mark, it dosen't happen to my faction in our current MP...
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            Hmmm, all the lousy size 1 alien leftover bases stayed lousy size 1 alien leftover bases once I captured the PTS. Does it only work that way if you build it yourself? The times I do go for that SP, my primary bases are already over size 3, and I've saved up expansion until after it's in place (colony pods waiting in the wings and formers/ sea formers prepping some sites).


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              It may be only when you've built it yourself, not sure - though I am absolutely certain that it should work when you do build it - I have used it as a strategy, and so would have noticed had it not worked.

              It is very strange, though, that people are reporting it not to work - could this be a new bug exclusive to the PP or something?
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                I seem to remember it working in both versions, but can only attest to SMACX right now.

                As an aside, I know that if your recently "PTS boomed" bases loses a population point due to lack of nutrients and goes back down to 2 it doesn't boom back to 3 next turn. At least that has been my experience thus far.

                I've come to appreciate the PTS recently as I've come to understand that in multiplayer games you tend to need more bases than in single player.


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                  Mark, I'm pretty sure the increasing of current bases to size three only happens at the moment it is constructed. I have seen it happen to me (SMACX v2) and I'm pretty sure I've also seen that size 1/2 bases remain there when I capture them.

                  That's all in SP though. I have no clue what happens in MP.
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                    Mark: I consider myself warned for DT8

                    My experience with the PTS is that existing bases all rise to size 3 when the SP builds. Bases captured after that point will not increase in size. New bases start at size 3. I don't know what happens to Alien bases, never been in that situation. This is true for both MP and SP.

                    I have seen Big_C use the PTS very effectively. I, on the other hand, will take it if it's available but it wouldn't be my top priority. It doesn't really suit my style of play. When I build it in MP, it's generally as a spoiler tactic I'm afraid.
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                      Yes, the PTS does raise all bases previously built to size 3. (Not sure about captured bases, or captured PTS).

                      I think the confusion might arise from not having enough nuts to feed 3 citizens. In that case, the base goes to 3, but immediately starves back to 2 or 1. You must have one 2 nut square (and two 1 nut squares) in the base radius to support 3 citizens(pre nut satellite, of course)
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                        Thanks gang

                        That is consistent with my experience of some bases "remaining" at size 1 after building the PTS. IIRC if the base does not have enough nuts at that time, it will grow "normally" later when the nuts are available. So post PTS it is possible to have a base with lots of nuts at size 1 or 2 for a while.