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    ^bump^ for "Action" and all recent Converts.
    I am on a mission to see how much coffee it takes to actually achieve time travel.


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      Now that im playing on transcend id like to bump this.

      I note that some others have recently won their first game on thinker, and might appreciate this also.

      Obligatory content:

      Ive tried a couple of starts on transcend - Tried deirde again, but was frustrated that when i sent my scout on patrol, my first base went into riots as soon as it hit size 2 (ISTR).

      Tried Lal, but first time i landed right next to Morgan. tried early vendetta, - that was impulsive, i had no offensive techs yet. Could as easily have refused peace, but stayed in truce. then proceeded to an offensive tech.

      Also its my impression the mindworms are more common and maybe even more aggressive early on this level.
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