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    Thanks for the heads up.

    Correct files now on the site (I had two different-named files in a folder and assumed they were the smac and smax variants)



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      Originally posted by Closey on 05-09-2001 03:27 AM
      Yup, there's a nice big poster and a manual in the box when you get the 'regular' version and not the bargain one. I think you can buy them from EA for a few bucks, someone here did that a while ago.. think it was sboog. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.

      About turning off auto resarch.. When you start a new game, go with custom rules and de-select blind research.

      Yes, it was sboog who ordered the manual from EA. It took about eight weeks. I wonder whatever happened to sboog ...

      A worthwhile purchase is Prima's Official Strategy Guide, which is a very nice combination, compilation, and reformatting of the information in all of the .txt files and in-game help (the "Datalinks"). ISBN 0761515844. Cover price US$19.99. I got mine at a discount bookstore for $3.99 . The sections are: Hints, Tips, Facts & Formulas; Strategies; Technologies; Base Facilities; Secret Projects; Units; Appendices. Each section is further divided, giving the basic information and some basic hints and tips specific to each Tech, Facility, Project, and Unit (including chassis, weapons, equipment, armor, reactors, and special abilities). In the appendices are helps about customizing. And there is a pull-out poster of the standard-size Map of Planet.
      And, for the whole bird with all the fixings and dessert too, there is The Mother of All SMAC Guides: Vel's Strat Guide - Version 2.0 (this is the one for Alpha Centauri not Alien Crossfire).

      After the generals have planned,
      After the armies have mustered,
      After the artillery has spoken,
      After the armor has maneuvered,
      A weary foot soldier still must stand on the enemy's land and say "THIS IS MINE!" before the war can be won.

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      I am on a mission to see how much coffee it takes to actually achieve time travel.


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        You can also download Vel's Strategy Guide (v 3.0) in a more user-friendly word format from the Spartan Chronicles site