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  • Frankychan
    AFAIK, once you automate your formers, you're stuck with their decision.

    Unfortunately, the former operators tend to be retarded and do dumba** things like build roads in every single square.

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  • Cosmic
    started a topic Automated Formers

    Automated Formers

    Anyone here knows if its possible to make the automated formers make their work ONLY inside the squares near their home base? In my last game I wanted to give automation a try but the experience wasnt very good. I automate a former in a base to see it go to the other side of the continent to plant a forest then went to the other side to clean a fungus, then it goes to the other side to build a road and a mine and Ive lost 30 turns of uselessness.

    The same goes for sea formers. They only plant kelp farms and some mining platforms and sometimes a tidal harness or two. But the main problem is seeing those formers going away from their home base without actually improving it. Isnt that their work?