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    Trading techs can be very rewarding, especially for a slow research faction. However for a faction like the University using directed research I tend to be fairly careful, as there are a couple of pitfalls. Firstly, you can get bumped out of an important early beeline, and end up behind schedule for a crucial tech (like IA, or Treefarms). Secondly, each tech raises the price of the next. Beefing up with a bunch of marginal techs early can really slow down your research rate for those techs which may be more critical for your ability to grow, and thus retain a decent research rate. Playing the University I tend to have a small tech trade window. While I am small and weak enough that the others are willing to trade, I often don't want to (especially when they offer weapons techs). Once I am willing to trade I usually don't have much time if any to do so before my powergraph puts the AI off.

    My favorite tech trading faction is the pirates. They often have a bit of a slow start, which helps ingratiate them to the AI, and their rapid moving ships allow them to meet and greet more quickly than anyone else. It is usually easy to end up in a "tech broker" situation, where you are the middleman in a series of trades, and can end up with a sizable tech lead.
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