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A very weird patrol bug

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  • A very weird patrol bug

    A few days ago I tried using patrol routes for the first time, they actually work quite well and the waypoint system is rather good just for simple movement too, I wish I'd worked it out earlier.

    *but* if you set a patrol route for a native life form about half the time they jiggle randomly and turn into a demon boil!!!!, sometimes with a waypoint set way of into the distance. This truly is weird and quite annoying (because I want to set my worms up to "auto-troll", but can't because half the time it gives me a grossly unfair advantage). I havn't managed to work out if it turns non-native units elite. I'm using the latest version of SMAX.

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    This bug is known and works only on native live-forms.


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      IIRC, the "instant demon boil" bug only occurs when using more than 2 (or was it 3 ?) waypoints. Guess I could check the bug list, but I can't be bothered