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Trip out on our CTP halve brothers and sisters

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  • Trip out on our CTP halve brothers and sisters

    I don't know why, but I looked at the CTP area. Wow! They have more posts for the multiplayer forum than we do. They don't have much at all in the strategy forum. Every so often one of them comes over here and tells us that CTP is much better than SMAC. Mostly though, they just stay over there posting there turns. Wow. Trip out dudes.

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    but the ctp dudes actually have(on the ctp2 forums) a couple ctp2 developers on their forums posting almost daily

    something that firaxis should copy


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      I think that it's great that a vibrant MP community has grown up around CTP! I hope they're having even half as much fun as I have had playing MP SMAC/SMAX.

      I played some MP CTP with the out-of-the box version last spring. I thought CTP was much better MP than SP. Activision did a much better job of providing a venue for MP games than Firaxis did, as well.

      Lack of pbem support in the pre-patch CTP was a disappointment.

      I never could get back into CTP after the first few months after release. I thought I remembered hearing that something didn't work right with the pbem system when it was implemented. Never went back to find out...

      Guess I'm rambling...Anyhow, good for them!

      Remember, though, that a LOT of turn tracking for SMAC still is done at ACOL. AFAIK, CTP has no comparable pbem site.