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newb figures out its good to attack Morgan

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  • newb figures out its good to attack Morgan

    Playing Deirdre (thinker level) playing for perfect reputation, i never attack anyone, though once in a war im sometimes reluctant to grant truce,

    Ive been fighting on and off with Miriam for awhile. when i take one of her bases, its a disappointment, as i get little energy - since she has very little.

    As my power has grown, others have gone to war with me - notably Morgan. I took a Morgan base, and got much more energy - since he has much more of course. Im now focusing all military efforts on Morgan, since that pays so much better.

    You got this to a limited extent in Civ2 - captured gold a function of civ wealth - but with the unique factions the differences are much more extreme, to the point where they would seem to impact strategy.
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    Good to attack the University as well. Get a lot of cool technology


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      I normally find the pirates have quite abit stacked up aswell from popping, generally though a sly but rather fun thing to do is to buy lotsa techs offa the AI or give them a big loan and then go beat them up until you've got all the money back (with loans its even funnier when they become submissive and start repaying the cash again double your money)
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