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Air Power vs Ground Units in Cities

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  • Air Power vs Ground Units in Cities


    When an air unit attacks a ground unit in a city that has perimiter defence, etc., does the ground unit get the extra defensive value from the perim def when defending against the air unit or does the air unit forgo the perim def?

    I looked in the forum but could not find this anywhere.

    Thanks in advance!

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    No, the ground unit does not. An Aerospace Complex would give it a +100% bonus equivalent to Perim Defense. Same thing is with sea units attacking a base, a Naval Yard is required to get the bonus then.


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      Gufnork has it right . . . and for added defense, add the anti-air defensive ability to your troops-- Then your plasma defender ( armour 3) has an effective defense strength of 12--very effective against missile and chaos attackers. For even further protection, place sensors for an additional 25% bonus
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        Thanks Flubber & Gufnork!

        Right now I have Fusion Drop AAA defenders (1^-<8>-1-2*) and the aggressors have an attack of 12 and guess what...I just got the CBA last night so no worries now.

        One more question I just though of: If I put Dissoc. Wave on my defenders does that "fizzle" an attackers bonus (say ECM for example) or does Wave only work on offense?



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          Dissassociative Wave functions on defense only, so it's going to be effective stopping attack bonuses, such as Nerve Gas, Empath or Blink

          Edit: Whoah, I am SO wrong. Looks like Fizzle is my new favorite toy.
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            CEO Aaron:

            Thanks for the reply.

            I'm a bit confused though - I was putting Wave on noodles as an attack "fizzle" to get past AAA defenses and they seemed to work better than my non Wave noodles. Are you sure Wave is only for defensive purposes?

            Can anyone else confirm?



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              Well, you see the odds when you attack, why not just check if there's a differense between your noodles when you attack?


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                Well I would, but I am way past that point in the game and all my Noodles are now Wave & Clean. I could try and find that particular year via a save if it existed, but that would take too long, I just wanna play. I guess I could re-design one Noodle and test, but if anyone knows the answer to my Wave question, please let me know.



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                  You can still see if they get the AAA bonus or not.


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                    Check out this link as provided by Rubin (it clarifies the wave question I brought up):

                    CGN discussion: Unbalanced Units

                    So, per the SMAX Readme, wave does work offensively! Cool