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    Lazerus so truly said:
    Arguements are fun to watch when you have no idea whats going on
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      Originally posted by Solver
      Well, practically, yes, you can complete production at any number of bases if you rush production at one... the most bizzare form would be to have a base rushing scout patrol every turn, and thus getting all your bases completing stuff every turn. This would, of course, provide undisputable victory, but hardly anyone will be that dumb to do that.

      And I highly doubt there will be a patch. After all, there's actually a handful of other bugs that would need fixing, and Firaxis are busy with other things now.
      Actually this will not work. You can only use the flaw to rush things that are smaller in mineral cost than the item that is nearly finished. So if you were to use something that was nearly done that is worth 10 minerals, then using this flaw will allow you to cheaply rush everything else up to 10 minerals. So this would in no way finish anything that was larger than 10 minerals in cost.


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        Ahh I didn't test it that throughoutly. Nonetheless... many uses remain . By mid-game, it's easy to establish a base that has 40 minerals per turn.... means you can complete anything that costs 40 or less anywhere.
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          so its been downgraded from game killer to game ruiner (not a word i know,tired couldnt think of replacement) ?
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