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terran.exe crash!!!!

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  • Googlie

    Try several things (numerous threads in the past 15 months on this subject:

    disable your wheelmouse, if you use one;

    uninstall Norton or McAfee virus scan and nuts and bolts typr of background-running software;

    close down everything but explorer (ctl/alt/del/ and then shut down everything that's there

    These are the three proffered solutions that seem to have worked for most people (mine was solved by uninstalling Norton's Nuts & Bolts)

    I still get the odd stall on a unit click (e.g. a crawler that I'm giving the nutrient/energy etc order to, but at least it let's me hit the x and get out of that warning screen then I can order the unit from the action menu instead of the right click)

    If none of these work then switch to Homeworld


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  • vee4473
    started a topic terran.exe crash!!!!

    terran.exe crash!!!!

    Has anyone experienced a crash that happens mid-game, and the comp send a message that says "blah has performed an illegal function and will be shut down"?

    I have all the patches and the game still crashes !!!!!

    always right in the middle of a game...i swear it makes me hate the ****in' game...

    i have uninstalled and re-installed the game..gotten all the still happens and i hate it..

    actually to tell you the ttruth, i have yet to actually finish a game because in EVERY game i have played i get the error message "terran.exe performed an illegal function" and i have to start a new game and hope it doesn't happen again..

    but it always happens!!! right when the game gets to the point of being complex and at the middle stage..

    **** AC