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    When one plays an alien, one gets the opportunity to direct research choices. But why do the humans also get this ability? Should they stay blind?

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    What I'm interested in is how the blind research affects scores, etc. Is it true that going blind increases your end score? If not, is there a way to fix it so there is? Blind research is, in my opinion, a wonderful addition (as is Iron Man...although for different reasons!) and one that is all too often ignored because it doesn't bring any sizeable reward whilst hampering the player.

    Blind research is more realistic in a good way (as opposed to in a bad way, ie you're playing Quake III and when you're shot you the player actually die), and it would be nice to be rewarded with a points bonus if you're brave enough to play it.

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      I play blind tech as well. Not so much because it is more realistic, rather, because it makes for a more fun game. You never know what tech you will get next so you have to adapt your strategy to fit what you have. I think that Firaxis assumed that most people would play blind, otherwise the Progenitors bonus is meaningless.

      Similarly, spoils of war should be off or one of Aki's advantages is negated.

      Other options which for me increases the fun is to have sure your battle odds turned off, play random maps, play pod scattering and play random factions.


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        All, My question concerning humans is whether THEIR ability to direct reseach when one is playing an alien is a bug?

        In a recent game playing an alien faction, I could not only direct my own research, but see what the humans were reseaching. During one point in the game, one of my pact brothers said that he was researching so-and-so tech. and suggest that I research some other tech to conduct research more efficiently. This is when I realized that the human factions were directing research. Since this is supposed to be an advantage for the aliens, it seems wrong that the humans can do it too.

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          I *definately* agree that playing Blind Research should give some type of score boost....seems reasonable, considering the different style of play it requires.

          As to the Alien thing....not sure....I've never played in an MP game where one person was the aliens and another was a human faction, and I've only played one game each as the aliens....too many

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            By seeing what techs I already have, what color tech is currently being researched, and what prerequisites techs in that field require at the next level, I can almost always know what tech I am going to get. I assume the computer can do the same (and probably much faster)