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The Endgame: Military Planning from MY 2203 Onwards

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  • The Endgame: Military Planning from MY 2203 Onwards

    Now that the Morgan Invasion has been completed and consolidated and war on the Hive has commenced, it would be wise to formulate a grand endgame strategy for our military forces. As the diplomacy stands right now:
    • The Angels and Gaians are in an alliance.
    • We are at war with everyone.
    • The Hive is at war with everyone, looking rather distraught at the moment, and on the verge of foundering amidst the trio of assaults being waged upon it.

    As I see it, our priorities stand as:[list=1][*]Achieve infiltration on Gaians.[*]Inflict massive infrastructural damage on the Gaians with air attacks (especially nerve-gas attacks).[*]Shore up defenses in Hiveland and other frontiers.[*]Inflict damage on and harass with our air fleet the Data Angel encampments in Hiveland.[*]Inflict damage on and conquer portions of the Hive.[*]Prepare a massive, game-ending Gaialand invasion force.[/list=1]

    First, I'd like to address our plans for advancing on portions of the Hive empire. Even though this is rather low on our priority list, it's a question we need to address right now. How we go about this task will determine what forces we have available for taking on the Gaians and helping with the infiltration raid, for instance.

    Therefore, I'd like to present Operation Jungle-Saturn (see attached pic).

    The main idea behind this plan is to bypass the massive Hive stronghold of Socialism Tunnels on the Northern Hiveland coast and cut off the portion of the Hive military stationed there from the rest of the Hive empire, capturing at least two Hive cities in the process (Manufacturing Warrens and The Drone Mound, if not also The Hive itself).

    I like to think of it as a combination of Germany's WWII pinwheel attack on northern France and of the USSR's Operation Uranus/Saturn, in which the German forces at Stalingrad were impotently stranded.

    I suspect that once Socialism Tunnels is hopelessly surrounded, Yang will either impotently hold his units there indefinitely, air-drop his drop units to his southern cities, and/or try to set sail with those forces (Yang has a transport in Socialism Tunnels). If Yang did that, though, I think he would find that this isn't Dunkirk, and his units, in this instance, would be dead-meat. If Yang tries to air-drop his drop units to his southern cities, that just bolsters the barrier between us and the Gaians. If Yang just keeps his units impotently bunkered in Socialism Tunnels, they are of no significance, and they will just cost Yang minerals in support costs.

    Either way, we won't have to expend manpower taking those units out. The city and those units will have been effectively neutralized.

    Furthermore, we will allow Yang to maintain his two strongholds near the Data Angel outpost, thus protecting us from any land-based attacks on the part of the Data Angels. We will still face airborne Data Angel attacks, but that will happen anyways, so it should not factor into our considerations.

    Operation Jungle-Saturn will be accomplished with the following forces:
    • The two missile marine units currently stationed at Fort Gateway. Better get these guys doing something useful. These units will be transported by the IoD at Fort Gateway. The voyage from Fort Gateway to Manufacturing Warrens will take two turns.
    • Most of the defensive units currently stationed in Hiveland. That means: the AAA-plasma rover, the MI6, the 3 Battle Ogres, the 6-3-1 artillery unit, and any others that I may be forgetting at the moment.
    • An amphibious chaos rover or two might be held back as well to assist, depending on what our requirements seem to be.
    • A drop-chaos-rover should be arriving from Laconia in time to participate in the operation.
    • It might be possible to transport, using another transport cruiser, that 1-<3>-1*2 unit stationed at Scorpi Ski Resort and some mobile infantry scattered around Terrapeso that can be spared for this operation.
    • Numerous aircraft, both fighters and bombers, will also participate.

    We will probably want to station the offensive land forces in Social Engineering Den. I suppose we could also station some in Unity Lair, but only if we seriously want to try to capture The Hive. Capturing The Hive might be too ambitious at this present time, however.

    The remaining offensive land units in Hiveland (the remaining amphibious rovers, including the Steppenwolfs, and the Spartan Kel 4~-1-1) can re-board a cruiser and continue their journey towards Gaialand, as was previously planned before the detour in Hiveland.

    And a final note on Operation Jungle-Saturn: It would not be wise to place any units within range of Gaian least until we are ready to do so, of course.
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    WOW - we're "infamous"

    Note that we are generating substantial credits per turn now that we can support up to base size for free - we can either accelerate our research, or use the credits for upgrades (again, maybe all our B-8's to X gas?) such as shell scouts to AAA 3res police

    Gaians are researching Advanced Spaceflight (Shard weapons and the Living Refinery).
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      Last turn downloaded. I won't see you for 3 1/2 weeks.

      Give them Hell!
      BTW, I see that we can join Angeland by land without putting ourselves into range of Gaian bombers. While we plan infiltration on the Gaians, don't we want to roll on and finish business against the Data Angels? After all, they provide each other with money and leap-frog techs now. I let you discuss the idea!
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        For the campaign in the Jungle, these are now my thoughts. I will elaborate on this shortly.
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        Civ IV is digital crack. If you are a college student in the middle of the semester, don't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I'm serious.


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          A quick thought:
          Since infiltration on Gaia seems to take much time and we'll soon be able to get fungal payloads*2, why not choose...Centauri economics(?) and instabuild the Xenoempathy Dome?

          So, that would permit Fungal missile near a base + X-bombers to empty the base + drop probe (or infantry or rover)3 tiles away and take the base in the same turn.
          From hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale!