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MY 2188 - Planning & execution thread

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  • Maniac
    Will we obliterate Enigma Machine if possible?

    If we do, we'll get 20 years of sanctions, which is a rather long period.

    So if a majority decides to want to obliterate EM, commerce loses all importance for a very long time. In that case I'd suggest we change strategy and begin committing all kinds of atrocities without holding back.

    One example could be nerve stapling all our bases and then switching to free market.

    If only those solar flares finally kicked in we could do all this unpunished...

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  • vishniac
    started a topic MY 2188 - Planning & execution thread

    MY 2188 - Planning & execution thread

    Angels just took 36 hours to post the turn. Morgan are notorious for doing the same.

    Prepare to get it tomorrow!

    Do we plan a chat-session monday evening? Around 20h (CET)?