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    Battle Report MY 2156

    Interfactional relations
    • Morgan Industries is now at war with the Arcadian faction (UoP).
    • Morgan Industries acquired no less than four technologies this turn: Polymorphic Software, High Energy Chemistry, Doctrine: Loyalty and Nonlinear Mathematics.
    • The Peacekeeping Forces have on first sigh acquired PolySoft and over 100 credits. Probably Morgan did a whole series of trades/extorts (how else his vendetta with Zak?) with Zak and Lal.
    • Morgan made us a "treaty and 8c" offer. Offer declined.
    • Peacekeeper colony pod reversed direction after pressing "turn complete".

    • SC2 builds rec commons and starts on a Spartan Kel (temporary order).
    • OA trains hoplite and starts on a crawler.
    • FS trains Crypteia and starts on a colony pod.
    • GH rec commons hurried with 60 credits.

    • Put Twonuts Strand production to a 0-2t-2 crawler as suggested, popped the unity pod with Hermes, and yes indeed, we got another materials pod.
    • Pegasus discovered a Gaian stack of three mindworms and a probe team, and sails into a fungus-covered strait most likely leading to Zeiter's position.
    • SCC Invincible moves towards the unity pod near the Gaian east coast, exploring along the way.
    • SNC Mercury and SCC GeneralTacticus proceed further to Climactic Research.

    • Skanky's Sileni moves to the Fort Liberty monolith and boosted to elite morale.
    • Castor Horsemen moved into Fort Liberty.
    • SC1 scout patrol moves from FS to FL.
    • FS Crypteia moves from FS to AU.
    • Artifact moves ito OA en route to Rio Grande.
    • Rolling Thunder II moves towards Minas Tirith and is now near the worm.
    • SC1 hoplite moves into VV for garrison duty.
    • Shrek moves from GH to SC4 for garrison duty.
    • SC4 hoplite moves to SC2 for garrison duty.
    • OA hoplites moves to SC1 and rehomes to keep OA free of support. SC1 hoplites moves into opposite direction.

    Engineering Corps (+ crawlers)
    • Mission Year 2156 has had a sunny summer: forest growth near AG (twice), AU, FS & GH. Kelp growth near Vladivostok.
    • Farm cultivated near SC2.
    • Two formers move near Messena and start cultivating farm.
    • FB crawler moved one tile east to harvest the river forest.
    • Tomcat-0A2 starts constructing sensor array between OA and VV.
    • Tomcat-VV moves south in preparation to build a road.
    • Three formers gangbuilding a sensor array in the Eurotas Valley.
    • Supercrawler moves one tile north to better defend against the worm threat. Worm didn't attack though.

    Worker relocations
    • Fort Superiority: monolith worker removed and together with the two doctors turned into technicians.
    • Santiago Citadel: river forest worker moved to the new farm.
    • Gythium Harbour: former doctor set to harvest the newspread forest.
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      MY 2158 Battle Report

      Foreign actions
      • The Corporation steals Superconductor from the Hive. Yang declares war in response.
      • Lal trades SFF to the University in exchange for Optical Computers. Then Zakharov was more than willing to provide us with SFF.

      Build orders
      • Note most of these can still be changed next year without mineral loss. So they're more placeholders.
      • Olympus Academy trains Missile Infantry.
      • Fort Liberty starts training a hoplite - necessary for guarding the new base soon to be founded with the FS CP.
      • AU, GH, FS, MT, VV, RG production set to a crawler.

      • Moved road-pillaging scout back into Tegea Harbour, thus quelling incipient drone riots there.
      • Rolling Thunder II moves toward Minas Tirith.
      • Skanky's Sileni rehomed to Tegea Harbour, as a support slot came free, after the synthmetal sentinels decided to join the Peacekeeper colony mission, and therefore disbanded themselves.
      • I've switched a GH and SC1 hoplite's position (for a possible rehoming I've been thinking about next year to reduce SC1's mineral output to zero and boost GH ones instead)

      • Moved Mercury into Climatic Research bay and loaded Task force, anchoring for the night in the fungus 4 tiles east of CR - next to a Morgan skimship. SCC GeneralTacticus joins the Mercury in its position and destroys the foil. SCC GT's health is 70%.
      • Moved Pegasus adjacent to R-112 - R-112 leaves the Hive probe team alone and boards the Pegasus - Pegasus moves a bit south with its two remaining movement points.
      • Messenan Laser cruiser pops pod and unfortunately only gets swept away by a tidal wave. The cruiser then explores the neighbourhood a more.
      • SCC Hermes picks up the colony pod and hoplite near Argos and moves to the designated base location.
      • Unity foil goes to pick up the supercrawler.
      • SCC Invincible pops Unity pod and gets 75 credits. No materials pod, but still good of course.
      • New VV CoastGuard moving to join the laser cruiser (IIRC that unit didn't have any other planned orders)

      Engineering Corps
      • OA's crawler now works the minerals mine to the north, and the worker has been reassigned to the regular mine
      • Tomcat-MT orders cancelled, moving safe north.
      • Tomcat-SCW1 starts constructing sensor array.

      • Disco Volante moved 9 tiles south of 2Nuts, readying for rounding PK's Temple Cape en-route to Angels' Heaven.
      • GH transport cruiser moves to MT, picks up the probe team and drops it next to the Hive units. Both probe teams then (re)board the transport cruiser and set sail for Great Collective.
      • The transport spotted the SCC Hunter hiding in the fungus. Our CoastGuard sunk it. 70% health remaining.
      • Probe team in Climactic Research moved to join the UoP CP.
      • FL Crypteia moving towards Mendelev College.

      • Fort Superiority's Colony Pod moved NW to err.. somewhere. New AU hoplite follows it.
      • Fort Superiority crawler hurried with 3 credits.
      • Sparta Command Cryptiea hurried with 2 credits.
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        MY 2164 Battle Report

        Planning Thread

        • The Angels have given us Intellectual Integrity.
        • Zakharov contacted. IntInt sold for 25c. War declared on the Gaian Union.

        Combat Operations
        • War declared on the Gaian Union! R-112 killed a worm and a spore launcher. The other two worms survived with 90% collateral damage though, along with the probe team which is also still alive.
        • The new Gaian base Razorbeak Wood was still undefended! Our unity rover destroyed it, and we gained no less than one energy credit! Proceeded north.
        • The Hivean 6-3-4 flagship has been sunk by our B-6.
        • Two B-4s flying above Terrapeso destroyed two formers.
        • FB B-4 parked over the energy forest, causing Vander Eudaimonics to riot.

        Economy & Production
        • Energy sliders reset to 50-0-50.
        • Fort Superiority set to train a trance Res-3 Garrison, with the intention of cashing in a crawler next year and then switch to the real intended production: an Aerospace Complex.
        • Fort Buster set to construct a B-4.
        • Sparta Command founds the Citizen's Defence Force.
        • All other bases set to crawler production for now.
        • Minas Tirithic production switched to missile artillery.
        • Vladivostok crawler production hurried with 3 minerals = 8 credits.

        • Fungal Gin Freight boards the Aarvak at Arcadia University.
        • Two fungal gin freights refreshed the workers on the Citizen's Defence Force in Sparta Command.
        • TH crawler on mine.
        • FL crawler positioned closer to FS and starts harvesting minerals - you never know we want to cash it in one day.
        • IH crawler goes harvesting forest a tile SW, making place for the new FS crawler which harvests nutrients - FS nutrient shortage finally solved!
        • RG crawler moves a tile SE to mine.
        • FB crawler moves back to the mineral mine.

        • Crypteia operatives in Monitoring Station discover foreign presence.
        • Crypteia department set up in Iaci Base.
        • Disco Volante moved a bit west, encountered a pod and popped it. A tidal wave swept it to the southern Angel coast. Explored around a bit, and discovered three unity pods we can pop the coming years.

        • All ten scout patrols upgraded to police forces - called them "Citizen Defence Force" for now.
        • Rolling Thunder II settles in Minas Tirith for repairs.
        • Steppenwolfs proceed further west.
        • Missile rover moved back to Minas Tirith.
        • Commando missile and impact infantry go for a trip to the SC1 monolith.
        • AU Citizen Defence Force switched place with Raouls Rangers (Spartan Kel).
        • Fort Liberal hoplite visits monolith. Skanky's Sileni, which aren't needed in Tegea Harbour anymore, garrison FL in the meantime.
        • Commando MSN hoplite moves south for an upgrade. The remaining police can garrison MSN on its own.
        • Commando RG hoplite leaves for the same purpose, rehomes to FB en route.
        • Commando FB hoplite departs for the standard field trip, and rehomes to SC4 en route.
        • Commando SC4 hoplite - How do you mean, you know what I'm gonna say?
        • The hardened hoplite in SC1 switches places with the commando hoplite in GH, so that next year...
        • Commando hoplite in SC4 switches place with hardened hoplite in SC2.
        • Hoplite in OA moves to VV to relieve the commando hoplite there for a holiday to the monolith.

        • SCC Invincible sails further towards the Gaian-Hive narrows.
        • SCC Iaci joins the SCC Heimdall in its fungal hideaway and bombards the Gaian stack.
        • All three ships in the north tried to bombard that invincible forest again: ALL THREE FAILED!!!
        • SNC Aarvak rehomed to Arcadia University.
        • SNC Hermes moving west.
        • GH transport, escorted by the SCC Minas Tirith, sent forward on a probe mission, after dropping off the Leonidas Guard at MT.

        Air Force
        • Argonite B-6 flies to Gagarin Memorial.
        • MT B-4 explores the fungus a bit before landing on the Minas Tirith airstrip. We can expect a steady flow of Hivean units for breakfast in the coming years.
        • SC2 B-4 flown to SC3, after rehoming to SC4.
        • B-4 landed in Mendelev College.

        Engineering Corps
        • Forest expands near Fort Liberty.
        • Tomcat-SC2 completes road near Sparta Command.
        • Tomcat-OA1 completes road near Olympus Academy.
        • Tomcat-SC1 helps build Tomcat-SCW3 a forest near Gythium Harbour.
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          Battle Report MY 2165

          Planning Thread

          • We voted for Lal for governor. He won the election.
          • The University switched research to Cyberethics.
          • Truce signed with Yang after capturing and giving back Huddling of the People.

          Economy & Research
          • We switched research to Cyberethics as well. Other choices were Centauri Empathy, Advanced Subatomic Theory, Adaptive Doctrine.
          • The Citizen's Defence Force founded in Sparta Command.
          • B-4 baptized in Olympus Academy.
          • Vladivostok completes supply crawler.
          • Iaci Base: production set to a CDF (citizen defence force) police unit, so we can send out our hoplite to hunt for the spore launcher (no idea where it is though ).
          • Production in Argos and Tegea Harbour switched to CDFs to allow easier upgrading and worm hunting in Arcadia.
          • Fort Soup: IH crawler cashed in and switched to Aerospace Complex using the Maniac Manoeuvre.
          • GH worker switched from forest (1-2-1) to new river forest (1-2-2), giving us an extra credit.
          • Fort Liberty production hurried with 6 credits.
          • Twonuts Strand production hurried with 6 credits, and worker switched from 3nuts to 1mine tile.
          • Rearranged a SC3 and GB worker so that FB still has a small nut surplus after the drought there.
          • MT production hurried with 25c.

          • MT elite missile rover and infantry charge through the fungus and attack the Hive rover stack. B-4 gives them air cover. Two Hive rovers (including the artillery) remain 60% damaged. Our missile infantry took 10% damage.
          • The Jaded Jaguars flamed the remaining Gaian worms.
          • Iacish hoplite leaves Iaci Base to hunt for the spore launcher.
          • R-112 attacked Huddling of the People.
          • Ymir teleported to Minas Tirith.

          • The Disco Volante popped the unity pod and it turned out it was a sonar pod revealing the surrounding waters. They saw yet another unity pod N-NW-NW of their location at that time, so decided to pop that one first before going after the other two more in the east. We got 100 credits. The probe ended its turn right next to a next pod to pop next year.
          • SCC Invincible enters the Straits of Sorrow. (Name for the Hive-Gaian narrows, since so many Hivean and Gaian units have been killed here over the past decades?)
          • SNC aarvak drops off the fungal gin freight at the eastern tip of our home continent. How do we call that btw?? Peloponnesos or so?
          • SNC Tiger's Claw drops off its probe team to steal the Hive map at Socialism Tunnels. Probe upgraded to elite and teleported back to Sector Cratersouth.
          • SCC Minas Tirith escorts the Tiger's Claw, tries to bomb the road or sensor array on (48.32) but fails.
          • The SCC GeneralTacticus heads straight to Gagarin Memorial.
          • The SCC Vladimorei moves out of the fungus heading to Gagarin Memorial, but decides with its last MP to have a last go at the Invincible Forest near Whohabitat. DESTROYED!!!
          • SCC Njord sails south and attempts to bomb (21.15) but fails.
          • SCC Iaci sinks the Gaian Unity foil.
          • SNC Hermes is heading to the Styx Straits.
          • SNC Heimdall moved next to a unity pod near the Gaian coast.
          • SNC Pegasus moved next to Huddling of the People.

          Air Force
          • B-6 that destroyed the Hive flagship lands at SC3 and rehomes, freeing its previous home base SC2 from support.
          • The B-6 in Gagarin Memorial flies out to bombard Argi Narnia, killing a plasma sentinels, a probe team AND reducing the base's population from 3 to 2. Bad news is the B-6 is rather damaged though: 70% damaged. In risk of destruction in other words if the Corporation self-destruct a missile infantry nearby.
          • B-4 destroyed former and crawler near Morgan Vulcanology. 30% damaged though.
          • Three other B-4s fly back, two to SC3, one to RG so we can strike at that crawler on (34.12) next year.
          • OA B-4 rehomes at SC1 and flies further to MT.
          • B-4 flies from Mendelev College to Fort Superiority for repairs.

          Engineering Corps
          • Tile between SC3 and SC4 (52.18) suffers a drought due to overforestation: now arid.
          • Mine constructed near R√≠o Grande.
          • Forest planted near Gythium Harbour.
          • Tomcat-OA2: build road
          • Tomcat-OA1: moved a tile SW to build road on the monolith, to make troop upgrades easier
          • Tomcat-VV: moved a tile NW to build a road on that monolith - same reason as above
          • Tomcat-SCW2 heads to the dried up tile to plant a forest to replace the forest.
          • Tomcat-SC2 moves a tile SE.

          • New VV crawler moved to (63,15) to harvest minerals.
          • Fungal gin freight moved to VV, rehomed it and harvests two nuts a tile to the north. Can proceed to work the mine near SC1 next year, and from there on to the new mine near Minas Tirith.

          The morale upgrade program
          • Moved the commando CDF in FS to the Fort Liberty monolith. However the monolith was silent: apparently it was already upgraded sometime. In any case, replaced the garrison by the last year upgraded elite hoplite on the Liberty monolith.
          • Proceed with the MSN hoplite, two MT infantrists, hoplite east of SC4, all to the Olympian monolith.
          • Hardened hoplite moves into VV, commando hoplite moves out for an upgrade.
          • Hoplite in SC2 upgrades at the Olympian monolith.
          • Switched hoplites between FB and SC4.
          • Minas Tirith being sufficiently secured, the Steppenwolfs and the impact and missile infantry continue to the Olympian monolith. The impact infantry has been rehomed to Sparta Command.
          • The SC1 hoplite moves a tile north and upgrades to elite.
          Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
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