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Turn 2195

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  • Turn 2195

    Midturn posting - some stuff killed (Yang...), lots of cities finally switch to research hospitals for both psych and labs (nothing rushed yet) and a small former armada is going to work, planting some forests for the "baby-boomer" generation.

    I would reduce labs by 10% this turn to finish our next research two years behind Gaia and so that we definitely can leapfrog Fusion Power and something else with them.

    Anything else... yeah: Choppers are useful to attack Yang's invasion at the southern chokepoint but they do not retreat to "Choke on This" (with aerospace complex) - therefore needlejets are best to block them.
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    Endturn, reorganized a bit to allow a boom at most core bases with 30% psych, cash being less important at the moment as no RH will finish next turn and nearly every base is now building a RH.

    Next turn should see a psych reduction to 20%, a subsequent empire wide reorganization of worker duties, some finished forests, some killed Yang soldiers at the south (Choppers should be back at 100% and Needlejets/Tactical should block) and a diplomatic offer to Gaia for leapfrogging with Fusion Power.
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      Have downloaded the turns, and I'll look at them today. FYI.
      Play hangman.