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Turn 2194

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  • Turn 2194

    As stated before, my time has become very limited and I managed to find the odd hour to play the turn - but hadn't the chance to discuss the turn before playing.

    Again, if someone wants to sit at the helm - feel free to state your wish and to replace me starting as early as next turn.

    75ecs (compensation for earlier) tech trade and BioEng to DA, some Hive units killed, I guess we can start booming the core bases next turn (creches and hab complexes finish) with a bit of psych investment...
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    I've sent AndiD a PM offering to step in as a weekday turn player (I.E. any turn that arrives on the weekends, he'd still have to play.) If anyone has any objections to this, I think it'd probably be best to voice them here!
    Play hangman.


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      good thing Chaunk...

      I was fearing our faction was bleeding to death.
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        No objections here - I'll do this turn and all subsequent turns which arrive on weekends (starting (and ending) when exactly? Friday 8pm GMT? Saturday 9am GMT?).

        Thanks, CEO Chaunk.

        BTW, where have you been - and good to see you back.