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turn 2188

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  • turn 2188

    I looked at this turn because I though it would be interesting with all the pseudo-diplomacy in the public forum. (last I looked in was 2186)

    Seems like the Hive is doing a good job in their war against us... We lost 1 base and a stack of +/- 12 attackers is on their way.

    The angels have urgent diplomacy to do, and ask us to clear the commlink. More info should be in somebodies PM or email. (not in mine).
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    It was in mine - they want to send us a few techs next turn but they will tell us some details later. They also asked for a mediation for their loan conflict with Zak from our faction - if anyone wants to, just go ahead and tell them.

    As you might have noticed, I had virtually no time for SMAX for the last days (weeks?) and my turnplaying becomes sloppy and nearly strategy-free (both in ACDG and my other PBEMs).

    If anyone wants to take over turnplaying, they are welcome - otherwise I will do my duty but won't be able to do more.

    Midturn attached.
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      I am willing to intervene for the loan payment as long as Sparta agrees to. Currently the question only comes from one side.

      Is it OK if I PM this answer to the Angel's turnplayer and/or diplomat ?
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        Sure, go ahead.