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    I informed Chaos about the Treaty:

    Greetings Lord Chaos,

    from what I could read from forum messages and game info I understand you and the Angels are now at a state of Vendetta with Sparta.

    As pactmates, the Corporation will support your quest against Sparta - however: We are currently unable to mount an offensive force due to several reasons:

    - Lack of state-of-the-art in offensive technology
    - Dire need of infrastructure builds (like in tech, we are a decade behind, if not more)
    - Need of a decent defensive force in case Yang or Sparta comes calling
    - Infiltration from Sparta - they would see immediately what we are gonna do

    Since we were not informed in advance, we had not time to give input, feedback or start own preparations for the new state of geopolitics.

    You seem to have made an impression on Sparta though, last year they came asking for a Treaty. We agreed, again due to several reasons:

    - We will benefit more than Sparta due to our commerce rating
    - Our current income is reserved for infrastructure builds for the next couple of years, the extra energy income from the treaty will be devoted to unit building and upgrading
    - The extra income will also help our lagging research abilities (NetNodes and RHs will be constructed as soon as we finish our growth infrastructure)
    - We will not trade any technology with Sparta and protect our only advantage: Bio-Engineering.

    Our offer for technology cooperation is still open - it worked well with Bio-Engineering and it may work well for the future - like we offered Polymorphic Software to you this turn. If there is anything more we can do, just ask.

    Please pass on the relevant parts of this info to the Angels (= our Treaty with Sparta does not mean taking sides!).

    On behalf of the Corporation


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      Did you get any response from chaos ? (He just posted Gaia's turn)
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        He offered two techs to choose one (IntInt and CentEmp).


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          I said IntInt - since CentEmp is nice (Green) but not of particular value to us right now. Maybe CentEmp after we steal something nice from Yang next turn...


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            What did he say about their war with Sparta? Are they at war? Do they want us to take a side?

            Or were the Spartan messages in public just spreading false information?
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