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    Nah I've kindof moved on, but I like to visit places where I used to go. This is just a reminising visit, I had some good times in this place. I found a few of the MSN logs back from when I was in the Hive with the gang, they make me smile. Sadly the archived forums showed only a pale reflection of the fun I had, I had forgotten until I reread those logs.

    I tend to revisit all places internet and real life except for the places where I went to school... mainly because it looks weird hanging around a school when you're obviously too old to be attending and obviously too young to have school age kids. People might think your stalking kids... or worse yet... they might think you enjoyed school.

    Comment I made was because I was trying to be helpful and worried that someone might contact Tassadar thinking he was a CMN.


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      Still good to hear from you.
      On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation