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Is Civ 4 or 5 better?

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    Originally posted by self biased View Post

    uh. there has been no development on civ 5 since civ 6 was released.

    Like, how is this even a topic?

    The bots are getting smarter. Much smarter.


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      Civ 2 is still the best as it was my first. and we all love our first done we ?
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        I'm not sure I can choose between 4 and 5 because my interests are slightly different from what you suggested. For me, the CSGO adds a lot more action. It's my favorite game, by the way. I don't remember how many years this game has been my favorite, but I know for a fact that I now have help from an exceptional resource that helps me gain more abilities. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too if you're a fan of CSGO like me. Either way, it will be an interesting experience for you.
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          For me, CV 4 is better. I like the mechanics of the game more, although the graphics are worse.
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            I replayed part 3 again, and I can say that now I am more impressed with it than 4 and 5. The nostalgia that brings back those times from our childhood when we adored one particular part of the game plays a very important role here. With Minecraft, the same story, but now there is such a possibility as Choosing the correct server for the game plays the most important role because it is much easier to play when you have more than one player. If you have used this at least once, you know what I'm talking about.
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