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Is Civ 4 or 5 better?

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    Originally posted by self biased View Post

    uh. there has been no development on civ 5 since civ 6 was released.

    Like, how is this even a topic?

    The bots are getting smarter. Much smarter.


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      Civ 2 is still the best as it was my first. and we all love our first done we ?
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        I'm not sure I can choose between 4 and 5 because my interests are slightly different from what you suggested. For me, the CSGO adds a lot more action. It's my favorite game, by the way. I don't remember how many years this game has been my favorite, but I know for a fact that I now have help from an exceptional resource that helps me gain more abilities. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too if you're a fan of CSGO like me. Either way, it will be an interesting experience for you.
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