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So, after a week and half with Civ6, four victories (all cultural), my thoughts:

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  • So, after a week and half with Civ6, four victories (all cultural), my thoughts:


    The UI is hot buttered ass. Poorly designed, and aesthetically a hot mess, especially after the sexy art deco design of Civ 5. It malfunctions frequently, hides important information, and other important information is just not available at all. It seems the game was pushed out before they had time to finish it; I’m about 90% certain they were going to have actual portraits of the great people, instead of generic icons, for instance.

    The learning curve is wooooof. Could definitely use a better tutorial and Civilopedia, especially in regards to new concepts such as districts.

    Balancing is a bit off—archers are overpowered like whoa, and production costs go berserk in the late game. The only way to combat that is with overlapping industrial districts; if there is only one way to combat a problem, then it’s not a fun problem to solve.


    Districts and wonders taking up actual map tiles? AWESOME. Really, really awesome. You have to be picky about what you build and where you build it. That is a very fun problem to solve indeed. Best new addition to the game.

    The art style, apart from the UI, is colorful and fun; the music is also wonderful.

    The agenda system works in a logical way. This is a bit of a double-edged sword, as some of the agendas the AI pursues are antithetical to playing the game itself, but at least it is now understandable why the AI reacts the way it does.

    Builders with a few charges of instantly improving tiles instead of workers having infinite charges of very slowly improving tiles: much better, more interactive.

    This feels like the most complete Civ out of the box since, hell, Civ 2? Still needs some work via patches, and will definitely improve when the mod tools come out, but this is a very good game.
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    I need to play more, but I agree with all you said.


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      Agree with all.

      The lack of information (easily) presented to the player doesn't surprise me though, since V was I think worse in that regard.

      I feel like the tech and culture trees could be fleshed out some more, although I understand that it might not be compatible with their idea of MP.
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        Good points.

        Agree with most.

        The art style is annoying, IMO. But like it or not, try turning on the day/night cycle. It makes the game very pretty.
        To us, it is the BEAST.


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          Spot on thanks. I posted a quick run down after 50 hours. I am enjoying the game immensely. I am using the larger map mods and the ai tweaks from Civ fanatics. Definitely a stronger challenge. I had to drop out of king back to Prince. Tomryis IS expanding and is fielding an army of horsemen which she is using to crush City states.

          Enormous map, 14 civs, distance set further to 30 tiles (instead of 9), abundant resources and go a warmongering...and never never open your borders! Until I see a benefit financially to it there is zero reason to allow the ai in.


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            What are these AI Tweaks you speak of, friend? I don't see anything fitting that description on a very preliminary browse of CivFanatics.
            "My nation is the world, and my religion is to do good." --Thomas Paine
            "The subject of onanism is inexhaustable." --Sigmund Freud


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              Send a personal message to Horem over at civ fanatics ask him to send you his combined ai tweaks which he fixed. It combines the Ai improvement and some fixes so that both mods load without overiding the other. I have the mod DL'd at home and can send it. He is a friend of mine so we talk via steam while playing Civ VI or Gal civ III.


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                Interesting to hear about the AI and rebalancing tweaks

                I saw there are alternative policies. Do we know if the AI knows how to choose policies properly?
                I wouldn't be surprised if some of the AI's choices are hardcoded, so changing benefits might make everything wonky


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                  What about the utter lack of challenge? The AI can't take cities past classical era, so the "fix" is to throw lots of barbs and AI aggression very early on. The game is basically: Survive 50 or 100 turns, then you've won.
                  If you want to play builder only and don't care about AI, it's probably ok, although all AI's are warmongers in the early game, which is also annoying.
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