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From a non expert but die hard Civer of Elder Statesman Status [Review]

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  • Myrddin
    Keep these updates coming.

    As another old player from Civ I and CTP, it looks like Civ VI will tempt me back (after skipping Civ V because of the 1 UPT change).

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  • Grandpa Troll
    Much more to this game than the CIV IV series and vefore.

    I will state Call To Power and BTS were my two favorites versions o Civilization followed by CIV II Test of Time or MGE.

    One point I have a hard time with is Mountains, they should be of some value, perhaps later game?

    I have no problem having penalties associated with movement but certainly mountains could help with production?

    Moving along, downloaded the PDF guide at 2K..very helpful!

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  • zenarcade
    Thank you for this and please continue to update! I've been playing since the original Civilization and was also very disappointed with Civ 5. Every time I tried to play it I just thought, "this is pretty fun, kind of reminds me of Civ 4, hey, why don't I play that again?". So I've been looking for opinions from people who actually didn't like Civ 5...

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  • From a non expert but die hard Civer of Elder Statesman Status [Review]

    I am by no means an expert on Civilization however find this the single most enjoyable game series I have ever played!

    I did not care for CIV 5!

    I am just into CIV VI for two hours but love so far!

    So many things to learn which appeals to me, I dont want a simply combat game, rather a mix diversity of challenging paths with each decision much like life, some you can change other have far reaching implications.

    Will give feedback as I am stumbling around learning the where-for-to go paths!!

    I will say my initial answer, knee jerk reaction is yes this appears well worth the monies invested!