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RB Civ6 Potluck Adventure: Come Join Us!

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  • RB Civ6 Potluck Adventure: Come Join Us!

    Hello to everyone here at Apolyton! I'm BRickAstley, one of the admins and game organizers over at Realms Beyond. I have scheduled an introductory Potluck Adventure beginning the day after release to try out the new game together, and would like to invite anyone interested to come participate!

    This game is a Potluck Adventure, which means I will be rolling an 8-player map with the above Civilizations, and saving start files for each Civ. All players signed up will then be emailed a random start to play out, no scoring conditions, just have an adventure and report back on how it went. There will be multiple people playing through each start, so you will have a multitude of other reports with the same start to compare and contrast with.

    If you are interested, click the link below, and post in that thread to get your name on that list to receive your start as soon as I get it running after release. Then play your game, take screenshots or video if you like, and report your results to everyone. And read some of the many other reports we will be sure to get.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

    Click this link and post here to sign up!