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Civ 5 Expansion - Random Reboots

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  • Civ 5 Expansion - Random Reboots

    Ever since I installed the new expansion Brave New World, my computer will reboot - somewhat randomly. A few posts I read suggested it might be a heat issue. I benchmarked a few programs I run, and Civ 5 is NOT the most stressfull from a heat standpoint on my computer - and the other programs NEVER reboot the computer. I NEVER had this issue prior to this expac (Gods and Kings worked without a hitch).

    My questions are:
    1) Has anyone else experienced this issue?
    2) Anyone solved it?
    3) Any suggestions of things to try?

    And yes - I do have latest drivers... .

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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    I wanted to help you but I haven't experienced this kind of problem before. But I'll try to ask my brother who is working in HVAC Chicago, think he had this problem.