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HELP ! How can I remove all civilizations unique bonuses/abilities in Civ 5 ?

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  • Jerieth
    Maybe search for a mod, or find civilizations with similar or no special abilities and use them. (Maybe make custom civilizations?)

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  • HELP ! How can I remove all civilizations unique bonuses/abilities in Civ 5 ?

    How can I remove all civilizations unique bonuses/abilities/units in Civ 5 ?

    EXAMPLE Civilization: Persia Darius the Great

    Special Ability: Archaemenid Legacy: Golden Ages last 50% longer. During Golden Ages, your units receive +1 movement and a 10% combat strength bonus.

    Unique Unit: Immortal: Replaces the Spearman. Compared to the Spearman, the Immortal gains +1 combat strength (total 8). They also heal at double rate, making it a useful unit to go barbarian hunting with.

    So that they'll all start with equal traits, at least playing offline !
    (And yes, I know the AI moves in different "difficulty-speeds")

    Probably this is answered somewhere else - forgive my ignorance ...

    I searched and could not find an answer to this, but i'm sure there
    are clever Civ5-modders and players out there, who can enlighten
    me about this subject (Yes, it's the same PDA-CIV who has a post
    with an open letter, about the inequality-tendency in Civ-series !)
    and since I've only played it a few times I'm unaware of where to
    find this "switch" or mod ... But perhaps there is none ?

    Please help an otherwise gifted Civ-player !
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