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Is there any Big Sea Mod?

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  • Is there any Big Sea Mod?

    I am looking for a proper sea Mod for Civ5, I wonder is any here any around.
    to get an idea of what I want :

    Step 1 : adding new types of water : "sea" "deepsea" and "deepocean" each with a shade of blue.
    The new order of tiles will be land -> coast -> sea -> deepsea -> ocean -> deepocean.
    Step 2 : adding more randomising, not always land has to border coast anymore, a depthlevel can be skipped sometimes on some tiles, normally tiles always border the tile of the dept above or under, but skipping a step can be fun and realistic having a slider in the map settings in advanced game for this effect would be great called a "cliff slider", at 0 land world always border coast as it is now, and the higher you set it, the more often depthlevels are skipped.

    Step 3 : add new tile improvement feature a coastal fortress, when build foreign troops cannot land on that tile anymore if they are embarked.
    Step 4 : Add a new land tile feature, called cliff having that troop blocking effect from nature, it is an effect like hill, so it cannot excist at the same time as a hill. and it can only excist at the border of islands/continents.
    It has limited improvement options, only trade post is possible normally (farm only if a river runs near)

    Step 5 : Make maps a lot bigger, and increase their water content by a lot, so explorating for that rare and far apart land becomes a challenge once more.
    Step 6 : Maps contain more often lakes and bigger lakes and lakes become sailable and may contain fish (but not clams or whales)
    Step 7 : New Natural Wonders added, Dead Sea (sea lake), Loch Ness (deepsea lake)

    Step 8 : A new effect will be added to game settings : cooling, freezing or stabile, this effect will change randomly some tiles every 1000 years.
    xNeutral setting will change nothing.
    xCooling will randomly change some tiles in this order :
    DeepOcean may change into Ocean
    Ocean may change into Deepsea
    Deepsea may change into Sea
    Sea may change into coast, Ice(inaccessable) or cliff
    Coast may change into Ice(inaccessable), plains or tundra
    Snow may change into Ice(inacessable)
    Tundra may change into snow
    Desert may change into plains
    Plains may change into grassland or tundra
    Grassland may change into plains
    xHeating wll do the exact opposide effect of cooling.

    Step 9 New boats and techs will be added for different levels of water exploration and their range is improved to match the new bigge maps.
    *All playes start with the Canoe unit, able ONLY to acces lake tiles, no other.
    *In the tech tree a new tech called "swimming" (ancient era) will be added with prereq agriculture that allows a player to embark units on coast and lakes, it does NOT allow the canoe acces to coast however.
    *Sailing will now have swimming as well as pottery as prereq, and it will unlock the galley unit (now buildable by players) and will only be able to acces coasts and lakes, it does have better strenght and range than the canoe too.
    *Optics will now have mathematics as well as saiing as preq, and it will unlock the thireme, it can acces lake, coast and sea tiles
    *New tech "Olympics" (classical era) added that has construction and philosophy as prereq, it allows embarking on sea tiles an, allows for the "Apollo" unit that allows you to change a mountain in a hill or a hill in a mountain (the unit will be consumed doing this) and for the construction of the Olympics Wonder, that improves your reputation with all other nations.
    *Compass adds the new Cog ship (a 9th/10th century single masted ship) that is able to acces lake, coast, sea and deepsea tiles. it is also able to carry 2 units (since no longer any unit can embark anything beyond sea)
    *The Carrack can enter lake, coast, sea and deepsea tiles it can also carry upto 3 units.
    *Navigation allows in city's that have an sea tile within a range of 2 the costruction of a drydock. most warships, like the frigate can ONLY be build in such city's and once completed will be placed at the nearest sea tile in range.
    The Frigate that is unlocked by navigation too, can only be build in city's with a drydock, and can only enter sea and deepsea
    *steam power adds more new ships, the ironclad that can be build in all coastal city's but is only able to enter coast tiles, the "riverboat" that can also be build in all coastal city's and can enter lake and coast tiles, and the "steamliner" ship that canonly be build in çity's with a drydock and can travel sea, deepsea and ocean tiles and also caries upto 4 units, as well as the White Star Line World wonder that alows all transport vessels to carry 1 more unit.
    *refrigeration will add besides the submarine that must be build at a city with a drydock also the new "icebreaker" unit that can be build in any coastal city can terraform Ice(unaccessable) tiles into sea or coast tiles, it will not be consumed doing so. Both units can enter sea, deepsea, ocean and Ice(unaccessable) tiles.
    *destroyers, aircraft carriers and battleships stay at their current tech, and can both enter sea, deepsea and ocean tiles and must be build at a city with a drydock
    *plastics will add the new "patrolboat" a fast reasonable stong unit without bombardment option, it can also transport 1 unit and can move over lake, coast and sea.
    *computers will add the nuclear sub that need to be build at a city with a drydock, the nucleair sub is a very stong unit and can move in sea, deepsea, ocean, deepocean, and Ice(unaccesable), and the new "minisub" unit that is less powerfull but very versitile, it can be build at any city, and it can enter coast, sea, deepsea and ocean.
    *nuclear fission will add the new NUCLEAR aircraft carrier, it must be build at a drydock and it can transport 12 aircraft (thats right an entire sqadron) and it can move on sea, deepsea, ocean and deepocean.
    *Robotics will add beside the Missile Cruiser that need to be build at a shipyard and can move though sea,deepsea ocean and deepocean, also the new crawler unit that can be build in an coastal city, it is a somewhat slow moving 1 unit transport that can move anywhere, lake, coast, sea, deepsea, ocean, deepocean and Ice(unaccesable)
    *Working boats will be a class apart, while at start only able to enter lake tiles, the eventually will be able to enter all watertiles besides ICE ones, techs slowly will unlock new terrain for them.

    Step 10 Bridges, shipping ridges/trenches and canals are added
    -workboats can add to any watertile that is not Ice a "ridge" or a "trench" alowing sea faring units of respectable one waterlevel higher or lower to pass, this does replace fishing boats, and the workboat will be consumed in the proces.
    -Workers can build tile improvement Expand river on any land that is adjectant to a river. This will add river to this til too.
    -Workers can build tile improvement Canal to any land tile that is adjectant to a watertile that is not Ice, canals allow ships to pass trough them. Normal canal always have depth "lake and coast" and will only allow ships of those types through, later on you are able to dig Deep Canals, that will have depth "lake, coast and sea" and thus allow more types of ship through. Building a Canal or a Deep canal on a tile that has a river will remove that river.
    -Workboats can build on any watertile that is not Ice and that borders a landtile a "bridge" tile, alowing landunits to walk over without having to embark. at first bridges will have road speed, later on Railroad bridges will be added that will be railroad speed. it is not possible to disembark on bridges.. embarked units entering a bridge tile will use it as water, only those entering it from land will use it as a road/railroad.

    I would make it myself if I knew how.. but I haved gave modding in Civ V a change yet (no ingame tool for that sadly.. so need to look around what I need to make one)

    If you feel inspired to use parts of this idea to Mod yourself or want to compliment me, feel free to do so.
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    Sounds cool. I think you just need a map with a huge ocean, and maybe just limit what type of units you can build. Perhaps an island mod (one tile cities).
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