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On the horizon of Civ5: Pitboss and DLL Source

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  • On the horizon of Civ5: Pitboss and DLL Source

    Here are some great news for Civers, Pitboss will come to Civ5 in the next month. Here is what 2K Greg said about it on the 2K games forums.

    Yesterday I mentioned in another thread that a patch is coming soon. Head on over there if you haven't seen it yet.

    Well today, I want to let you know about a couple more things that are on the horizon: Pitboss and the DLL source code. These things will not be in the aforementioned patch, and are still many months from being ready for prime time, but I wanted you guys to know that we have a team actively working on these two things. I don’t normally like to tease these things so far in advance, but I know how much some of you have been craving both of these (I have been too)! As stated in the past, these will be free updates for everyone. As always, as soon as I have more detailed information about either of these I’ll bring it to you.
    This means the next Civ5 patch won't contain the much waited for Pitboss. The source code of the DLLs will give modders the power to change a lot of the game. However, it won't give them full control since it is not the whole code.
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