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    Hello to all the folks at Apolyton. By way of introduction, I've played MP civ off and on over at since civ 3. I've also played civ since it's initial release in 1991.

    I've been waiting to come off daylight savings before trying to set this up.
    What I would like to do is play a full game over several relatively short sessions. If you're interested and can commit to playing on a regular basis at the following time(s), please post.

    Here in Auckland we're at GMT+12. To compare with the US, this means we're a day ahead, but five hours behind PDT; and a day ahead, but 8 hours behind EDT.
    The general time frame I'm looking to play is during my evenings, generally about 8pm to 10:30 pm or so. We need at least four players to commit to play at least once a week during this slot. Twice a week would be great.

    Needless to say, given the timing, most likely I'll be looking for players in Australia / Asia...possibly some Europeans who might want a late morning game on the weekend...or some very sleep disturbed North Americans, or just late night owls on the West Coast.

    The main thing I'm looking for in players is dependability or commitment. The logistics of setting this kind of thing up are the hardest part. But playing the full game with other players IMO is the way civ was meant to be played.

    Game settings, number of sessions per week, etc. will be decided amongst those players who can actually commit the time.

    Post if you want to commit to this type of game, during the stated time slot. It's worth it.

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    hi Onan maybe post this a also

    Im mildly interested but the timezone issue aint too good for me


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      I have not played in awhile either

      but the time zone factors say no
      anti steam and proud of it

      CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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        I have not played yet!!


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          Seems not much MP games in Civ 5
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