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  • One Unit Per Tile! (1UPT)

    If not only for introducing a complete new combat system, Civ5 deserves our praise! After 4 games of more or less similar combat, the game has now innovated itself on one of the core aspects of the game. 1UPT makes the positioning of troops a lot more important. War is becoming a lot more strategical.
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    The only time this bothers me is when I am trying to rush a road. I still keep trying to stack my workers. I guess it's still rushing when you have four workers in a row building...

    Other than that, yes, 1UPT is huge. Much deeper strategy involved, especially against a well-armed opponent. I imagine the MP implications will be huge.
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      After just played one DEMO game of 100 turns, i can't say mutch yet. But I do think that this game is now more about warfare then a real civ game. Less micromanagement, IMO not good. I've loved that aspect of the game! Is this game turning onto a turn based war game? Does civ not suppost to be a game that you can win peace all the time, withoud one gun fired en still win? Seems unlikely now to me. I agree that the combat system is much more intresting now, but as sad I don't like the idea that this game is now focused into make war. what about peace loving players? what is left in this game for them? No religions, no corporations!
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        War is actually becoming tactical, not strategical with 1UPT.

        1 UPT has resulted in tactical combat being played on the strategic map. I applaud Firaxis and Jon for trying out new ideas, but 1UPT+tactical combat on main map is most certainly going in the wrong direction.

        Love the game to death...hate that particular change

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          This is actually one of my biggest beefs with Civ5. (Number 1 reason is MOD unfriendliness). It is not logical. It destroys "suspension of disbelief". There are other ways to improve military strategy within the game. I could lecture on that topic. I absolutely hate this "feature" and it is one of the reasons that I, along with the group of gamers that I play most often with, have all returned to Civ IV and the plethora of incredible mods available to that superior(ly) designed game. I keep coming back to Civ5 when updates and expansions become available, hoping that the developer has taken steps to correct its many flaws and over-simplifications, and continue to be disappointed.


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            I am not a huge fan of the 1 title thing, perhaps if they had a limit of like 4, or have it be something you can research that would be OK. Sometimes it really takes away from the fun and warfare aspect, moving warriors around because they can't travel through their own friendly forces.
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