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Features I'd like to see in future games

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  • Features I'd like to see in future games

    Will we ever get to see a new Civ with the theoretical depth of CIV: CTP 2 ? or the imagination and stories of Alpha Centauri? the richness of those games keeps them at the top of my list. no matter how beautiful the graphics, how rich the sound, how advanced the AI, these new games are like comparing a magazine to a great novel, in my eyes.

    let us build cities underwater, in the sky, teleport and make our minds weapons again! give us some hot new space rides! AI that knows when to hold em and when to fold em with new diplomatic options!

    anybody with me?

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    67 views and no love? just wondering if my fellow fans or any devs have an opinion. I have a lot of ideas for civ that I think would augment the replayability. not just scenarios, but modes of play based on established mechanics.


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      These features will come in latest games.


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        I totally agree

        Hey, I was wondering the same thing. Since your last post was a really long time ago, I'm guessing this will be talking to no one, but I also wish for Civilization VI and such to have the immense depth of Call to Power II. The game had (IMO) the most fun gameplay out of any game of the series, but sadly never got much love. If there's any way to keep CTP2 alive still, then of course I'll do it. I feel like if there was a CTP game today, it would soar to new heights (With a better AI, of course, although the Apolyton mod for it sure took care of a lot of those bugs!)