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Step by step the cradle of civilization in Greece Holiday Packages

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  • Step by step the cradle of civilization in Greece Holiday Packages

    Indeed, tourism all-in-a rich culture, cosmopolitan destination, metropolitan and historic country, Greece is the word. All facets of Greek society is an attraction in itself, from food to fashion to buildings, but a big fat magnet Greek tourism. Most visitors go straight to the capital Athens, where ancient civilizations preserved.

    Fascinating attractions

    Greece is a land of fascinating attractions. There are a lot of old masters who witness the birth of civilization. With cheap holidays Greece venture into the most popular.

    Acropolis: This is where Athens, and classical Greek civilization began, and the site of a collection of beautiful temples, most dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, Athena. The ruins of the Acropolis that remain today's date is visible from the fourth century, most of them erected after the Persians destroyed many of the original buildings of the Acropolis. There is a museum on the Acropolis, where some of the carving and friezes recovered from the temples are on show, although many of the archaeological finds from the Acropolis is now in the British Museum in London. A must Heritage, while booking vacation packages in Greece, the Acropolis is simply amazing.

    Ancient Agora: Is the old Athens commercial and civic center, where once walked and talked of the great Socrates and Plato, philosophers. The area is full of the ruins of many ancient buildings, including the Theatre Dionysus, the world's oldest theater where great plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides were performed. The reconstructed building now has a museum on the ground floor contains objects spanning 5,000 years of Athenian history.

    National Archaeological Museum: This is the largest and most popular of many museums of Athens. Monsters of the history of the book worldwide holidays in Greece to explore this gem of a museum. His vast collection includes treasures unearthed from Mycenae, a staggering array of sculpture as the first Greek known figures dating from around 2000 BC, the frescoes of the volcanic island of Santorini, and more visitors are recommended to make several visits to absorb everything. There is a gift shop and a cafeteria for visitors to relax in if they get tired.

    Plaka: Section ancient city of Athens has become the meeting place for travelers and tourists, especially on warm nights in Athens. The narrow streets of the Plaka flanked by ancient monuments, Byzantine churches and mosques, stately mansions, vine-covered courtyards, makes a pleasant diversion while cheap holidays in Greece.

    The White Tower: A symbol of the city, the White Tower was originally built as part of the city walls. Now is no longer white but still imposing, on the waterfront south of the Archaeological Museum, having been restored and panoramic city and harbor from its rooftop cafe. The tower was used as a prison, and on the way visitors can peek spiral staircase in the dark rooms that were used as cells. The tower contains a museum that houses a Byzantine work of art and historical objects between 300 and 1500 AD. Fascinating to witness history book Interested in Greece.

    Benaki Museum: Founded in 1930, the prehistoric museum modern Greek art and artifacts, occasionally hosting exhibitions and restoration and conservation workshops. The collection features Paleolithic and Neolithic relics, and covers the late Roman Empire as it merged into the Byzantine Empire. There is also a Museum of Islamic Art attached and separate exhibitions on Chinese art and Coptic.

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