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Civ needs new victory types

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  • Civ needs new victory types

    Civ has been around for an amazing 20 years. I've played every civ since the first one was still new, and of course including Alpha Centauri. I've dedicated thousands of hours of my life to this game without question. In those 20 years human thought has also advanced and I think we can now imagine new victories. In other words, I think the victory conditions are starting to show their age and are due for upgrades.

    Colonizing Alpha Centauri, as in the space race victory, was much more in the forefront of our imaginations in 1991. Now in 2011, we don't even have space shuttles anymore. So what is humanity's futurists seriously considering as humankind's science destiny nowadays? A Kurzweilian Singularity or a transhuman age are big topics of non-crazy discussion in this century. Probably, in many opinions, more likely than faster than light travel or ability to colonize solar systems.

    The Alpha Centauri victory condition "ascent to transcendence" pretty much had it right, but now its less science fiction and more science probable.

    And what about the diplomatic victory condition? Is world peace (forced or otherwise) united under one leader a highly likely outcome? What is a more up to date line of thinking relevant to our current times? Globalisation, imo.

    I don't want to muse on how cool I could make the requirements for these victory conditions I just want to propose that the current victory conditions are actually outdated as they were conceived 20 years ago for the most part.

    Albeit my ideas would be sort of a blend, Singularity would be science/economic/diplomatic VC, Globalisation would be economic/diplomatic victory condition. The space race could be a prerequisite for either, etc.

    /end game needs work after thousands of hours of play and many years

    Civ needs +

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    Yes, It should be added in the game.


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      I have devoted a large number of hours of my life to this diversion undoubtedly, in those 20 years human idea has additionally progressed and i figure we would now be able to envision new triumphs, at the end of the day, i think the triumph conditions are beginning to demonstrate their age and are expected for redesigns...

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        It really needs new victory types.
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