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  • Saved Game (Cheats enabled)

    I'm just using the demo version at the moment and wondewred if anyone with the full version would send me a file of a saved game with the cheats enabled (before 1000bc) so that I can try it.



    E-mail Randall

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    I'll trade you a saved game for two promises :
    1) when you buy MPG you have to get an ICQ address and play me online and
    2) you have to look at the existing Mac webpage and post from a newbies prespective whatelse you would like to see on the page!

    I'll send you a King level game. Actually this may be a good idea for the page: post a link to the demo along with a good save game!

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      is there a news letter which would keep me updated on Civilization

      news for the Mac? I am helping to update and maintain an ACS Civ2-Mac

      webpage and would appreciate any news (or strong rumours ;-) as soon as it

      is available. Speaking of which, are there any plans to port Test of Time to